4 Sites To Watch Online TV Shows For Free


This is the generation where you do not need a television set or a suitable cable connection to watch the full episodes of your favorite TV shows. All you need to enjoy your binge-watching TV shows is log in to one of the top websites that will enable you to watch free shows online at any time of the hour you want. Connect your television to your laptop o Smartphone for a comfortable night to watch all the latest episodes of your favorite TV programs.

Watch Online TV Shows For Free

The trick here is to find the best websites that provide real content instead of fake advertisements and other stuffed videos in the name of real ones. This is not always so easy to do. Some of the websites scam people to sign up for the unrelated fees whereas others only require that you complete a simple survey before you watch any episode online.

During the whole process, if you are not careful, there are some sites that that provide sketchy downloads can infect your computer with viruses. If you are looking for any unofficial website to watch TV shows, you need to do your research to find out the reviews from other viewers if it is safe or not. 4 top free sites are mentioned below that will help you with watching your TV shows online without any hassle:

1. Crackle

On crackle app, you can easily watch full episodes of any of your favorite TV shows as well as movies, and you can make personal playlists as well to keep track of everything you watch and everything that is left to enjoy. It is a free service that has accessibility across all the major platforms. Crackle is The best platform to enjoy all the latest TV shows and watch streaming videos on your computer or with the help of its app on your Smartphone.

How to enjoy crackle?

All you need to do is, open the crackle homepage and create a free account to be the member of the crackle family. You need to click on the TV option that will be shown on the top menu, or you can search for the show titles on the search bar, look for the episode you want and start watching it online.

2. Tubi TV

It is a great alternative to the world of online streaming TV shows which operates via licensed agreements. Similar to crackles, it also streams movies. This website also offers free services where you can just click on a TV show and start watching it without opening an account of your own on the website.

What is so special about Tubi?

In Tubi, you can browse through an interesting and exciting list of categories such as not on Netfix, highly rated videos on rotten tomatoes, etc. The distinguished categories are something you would certainly like while watching a TV show online to make your search more easy and precise.

3. Popcornflix

Although Popcornflix is popular for its high rated and famous movies, documentaries, films from foreign countries, and the original web series, it has made itself popular also because it is a house of unique TV shows that you won’t find elsewhere. If you belong to the millennial group and searching for some childhood nostalgia online, you can get all the 90’s top shows such as sonic the hedgehog, inspector gadget, and the big comfy couch, etc. in here in full length episodes.

How to search for the 90’s movies?

Here, at Popcornflix, you can search for the movies by genre, but the functioning of the site will allow you to search for the particular shows by name if you are searching for something more specific.

4. ShareTV

It is yet another search engine that is best for watching TV shows as compared to that of Popcornflix. It is a community-based website that is or the fans of network television. The site offers all the latest and the old TV shows that you would ever think of watching.

Some categories will differentiate your search areas and make it easier for you to search according to the year, name of the show, or the popularity.

People have been enjoying the free TV shows online since these websites claim to offer unlimited and smooth services without interrupting the viewers with unwanted ads, etc. If you are new to this genre, you can take the help of these four sites as they are the most popular and highly recommended sites to watch free TV shows at any time of the day.


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