5 Best Locksmith Apps For Android Users


Best Locksmith Apps For Android Users

The operating system used in the Android phones has slowly turned out to become one of the most efficient and well-known operating systems with time. Known to be a reliable system, the Android OS has changed the lives of many professionals and individuals all over the world. And, the major driving force of this particular system is that it allows anyone to design and deliver quality apps that are suitable for the Android devices.

Locksmith Apps That You Should Look Into

When compared to the other platforms of the mobile OS, Android OS provides a freer and more flexible environment for keeping the apps. As a result, you can find multiple apps for the Android devices that serve different purposes. For example, if you want certain locksmith apps for any purpose, there is a wide range of options for the same that would be helpful for your cause. But choosing the correct one can be a bit difficult when you have so many options available. Worry not, because we are here to present you with some easy and definite options.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Auto Smith Pro

Situation: One of the major problems that locksmith’s face is finding out the hidden codes that most of the lock manufacturers use while making the locks. That means, if you take two different lock manufacturers, then there is a possibility that both their locks will have extremely dissimilar and different patterns.

Solution: With the help of Auto Smith Pro, you will be able to get access to all the different information that you need in a jiffy.


  • Key Blanks provided
  • Specifics about reprogramming
  • Solutions accessing any lock
  • Unlimited information

Locksmith Connect

Situation: You want a convenient environment to work with the locks? And you are in need of basic technical info and certain key codes for customer management and master keying functions?

Solution: This particular app is considered to be the abode of heaven for any locksmith for getting a convenient way. This app proves to be an effective help for the owner as well as the field worker. When a particular locksmith installs the app on the device, then he is provided with a hassle-free and a stress-free environment to pursue his work.


  • Even the technical data gets updated here in real-time.
  • Technical info regarding wafer positions and codes
  • Access to huge data including part numbers

Access Control Locksmithing

Situation: With the use of the electronic locks in an increased fashion, it is essential for the locksmiths to figure out a certain way to deal with the electronic form of locks. However, figuring the electronic locks can be a bit tricky for the locksmiths.

Solution: Not to worry as the access control apps are here to help.


  • Easy way of picking the electronic locks
  • Patterns and codes provided
  • A fast and convenient way for accessing electronic locks

Lock Picking Apps

Situation: For every novice locksmith, it is essential to learn the art of lock picking. And this requires a lot of expertise and knowledge about the different parts of the locks.

Solution: With the assistance of lock picking apps, you will be able to easily learn the basics of lock picking in a fast way.


  • Information about the basics of lock picking
  • Codes and patterns to help you practice
  • Easy and simple methods of lock picking

Lock Hero

Situation: We often tend to forget the codes and the combinations for our locks. Retrieving this particular information turns out to be a huge task.

Solution: But with the help of Lock Hero, you can easily have a guide on retrieving the combination of any lock. An effective addition to the best locksmith apps list for sure! Effective and easy, this app is the best shot.


  • Different combinations for retrieving the codes for combination locks
  • All information about combination locks at your fingertips
  • Easy download option and easy to use
  • Fast processes for opening locks

So these are the major locksmith apps that can be of use to people with Android devices. Download some right now, and you will not regret your decision!


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