Air Wars Battle Drones Review

Air Wars Battle Drones Review

Ranging from a category of Battle Toys, Air Wars Battle Drones is the modern day trend. Air Wars Battle Drones are the perfect example of technologies embedded in the modern-day toys to an absolute level of perfection. As far as the suitability is considered, Air War Battle Drones are suitable for kids as young as Eight Years Old.  Here is a detailed review of Air Wars Battle Drones

Air Wars Battle Drones- A Complete In-depth Review

As far as the functionality of the Air Wars Battle Drones is considered, they can be used to navigate obstacle courses and can also knock down each other high up in the sky to a considerable extent. Where there are endless possibilities. Air Wars Battle Drones are a kind of Toy which can certainly grab the attention of almost any kind.

After all, in the present day scenario, Drones are a new technology-based trend and is grabbing the attention of millions of consumers all over the globe. Starting from the company Logo to the new way of playing with this mighty beast, these toys are surely the future of our kids.

Easy To Play Control Panel

What makes the Air Wars Battle drones the very best toy is it’s immensely easy to play functionality. As a result, it is not only just popular with the kids, but is easy to play as well. Starting from the Control panel, it is intuitive and is modeled along the guidelines of the traditional gaming console. Unlike Video games which just gives an illusion of the augmented reality,  Air War Drones playing maps the real world objects with your gaming system and generates a sense of’ real world’ eye coordination as well.


The Overall product designing is super sleek and feels a premium toy when looked from a clearer perspective. Its designing is unique, and the product has been designed in such a way which is safe and easy to use. Air Wars Battle Drones are one good toy which adults will also love to take the first ride on the blue skies.

Technical Specifications

4 Attack Moves

Ranging from a bunch of attacking moves which the modern day Air War Drones have, the Air War Battle Drones have in all four attack moves which are as follows:

  • 360 Spin Attack
  • Tornado Attack
  • Circle Attack
  • Ram Attack

A Great List Of Customizable Weapons

Not all the modern day drones have this feature, and this is the reason which separates this drone from the rest. With Customizable Weapons, you can set them as per your need to take down some of your biggest rivals.

Durable Framing And Propellers Kept Enclosed

With the inclusion of framing and propellers being enclosed, an issuance of safe play can be guaranteed in the playing process.

What’s In The Package Box?

  • 2 Drones
  • Two Remotes
  • Ten weapons
  • 2-3.7v rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries
  • Charging cables
  • Eight replacement Propellers

Pros Of The Air Wars Battle Drones

  • Great Design And A Guarantee To Give Tremendous Fun

With the Air War Battle Drones packed with a sleek and elegant premium finish, their manufacturers have left no stones unturned. Backing up the design is an experience which will provide much fun and memories which will be worth remembering.

  • Easy To Use And Safe For All Ages

One of the biggest USP’s of such kind of Drones is their ease of usability. With a control panel being much easy depiction, it can be controlled by people of almost any age group.

  • Suitable For Indoor As Well As Outdoor Play

The Air War Battle Drones are made of a great bodily mechanism as well as their engineering gives them the license to drive it inside as well as outside location.

  • Ready To Play

Straight out of the box, get ready to unlock this mighty beast and play with it all day long. There is no need for any fit-in mechanism and you can directly unbox it and can experience the speed of those drones rising straight into the blue skies.

Cons Of The Air Wars Battle Drones

  • A Little Short On Its Battery Life

With the Air War Battle Drones getting a little shorter on their battery life, you will certainly need to charge them on a frequent basis to enjoy the lure benefits in the long run.

  • Currently, No Way To Purchase Individual Weapons

As these modern-day Air Battle Drones are new in the market, weapons which come with such drones are the lone saviors for you. Hence, keep track not your weapons as you will not be able to get them individually from anywhere in the market.

  • No Tracking Features Available

It is important to keep your Air War Battle Drones within the intact geographical area as they lack the essential tracking features. As a result, it is essential to keep your drones insight for an easy recovery.

Answering Some Essential Questions For Air War Battle Drones

  • At What Height Can The Drones Fly And What Is The Effective Range?

Surprisingly, the Air War Battle Drones can go at an unbelievable height. At an effective range and ceiling, Drones can fly at the height of around 40 feet. But, it is advisable to attach a bright colored tape to your Drone which can make controlling a little easier and efficient.

  • Is This Drones Easy To Configure?

Yes, each of the drones works on a unique frequency, and it can be configured straight from the control panel itself. Where detailed lists of instructions are provided, and the drone can be ready to function within a couple of minutes fully. This thing can only be an issue when multiple drones are operated in the same designated area.

  • Are The Air War Battle Drones Safe?

Plenty of detailed research has gone into the making of those drones where drone experts perform some experiments. The propellers are pretty low powered and can stop the moment they see any kind of obstacle. If very young kids use them, it is advisable to supervise them, but there are fewer chances for the drone to damage any property.

  • What Is The Battery/Charge Life?

A fully charged drone can fly for around Six Minutes in total. Also, the high-speed, quick charge batteries charge at a faster speed. Where the green light is an indication of full charge and a red light indicates that the batteries need to be charged.

  • What Is The Actual Working Of The Battle System?

The given kit comes with a great list of ten weapons. These Weapons can be attached in any combination to the given drone. Now, two players will compete with their drones and can knock their opponents with their drone weapons. Naturally, every battle will surely be different, and it will depend on the skills set as well as imagination to knock your opponent out.

Final Thoughts On Air War Battle Drones

So, I hope you must have gone through the above-detailed review and must have got humongous knowledge in every aspect of such Toy. There is no doubt that these drones are an excellent product of sheer creativity and will surely be among the “Next Generation” new age toys. While it had a detailed list of pro’s which added to the credits of Air War Battle Drones. Some of the flaws must have made you in some vain.

Overall, a well-built design and the ability to be drowned in indoor as well as outdoor friendly conditions, the Air War Battle Drones are a perfect introduction to all the modern-day technologies which is a great toy to be played for Kids.


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