Are Android TV boxes legal in the USA

Android TV Box

What is an Android TV Box

It is an electronic device through which we can connect to a normal TV to convert into smart TV where we can —

  • Watch
  1. movies,
  2. Live shows and
  3. Sports
  • Install
  1. Games,
  2. Applications
  • Download
  • Connect
  1. FB
  2. YouTube
  3. Google
  4. External hard disc
  5. Laptop
  6. Wi-Fi
  7. Bluetooth 

How to Connect

Android TV Box

  • There is a cable called HDMI cable which we can connect it to TV set directly.
  • We can use wired internet or else follow the instructions in the screen to connect TV set to wireless internet.
  • There will be an option called as KODI on the screen and follow all the steps to enjoy free movies, TV shows and much more. 

Top Android Kodi Boxes:

  • Razor Forge TV
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • FireStick
  • Google Nexus Player
  • Oobersticks
  • Matricom G-Box Q2 

Is it safe to use Kodi Box?

The biggest threat to a customer who wants to buy is whether it might have some form of malware or virus installed on it. This threat exists because there have previously been incidences that are well described on the official kodi website where such kodi TV boxes were infected with malicious software. This is the reason we should be on high alert while buying it from e-commerce sites.

The advantage of this device being android is that we can install antivirus software that will keep clean from nay viruses that may cause harm. It is advisable to install Anti-virus such as MalwareBytes, Avast or BitDefender as soon as we connect to Wi-Fi network.

Is Android TV box illegal in the USA?

As far as watching and downloading the content without paying is illegal. Purchasing an Android Box is legal. Streaming the videos of subscribed channels is legal as well.

The websites which are offering free streaming of videos it is legal. Streaming allows users to watch movies or shows later without the need to download and save which is illegal.

A ‘Kodi Box’ basically is an Android TV Box which has Kodi application installed on it.

Using VPN we can watch movies, TV shows and live channels. A VPN will also enable us to bypass regional restrictions and acess applications and Kodi add-on.

How to recognize the streaming is illegal?

                  The sites which offer free streaming are illegal. An internet provider knows very well which user is breaking the copyright law.

What happens if we get caught streaming or downloading pirated content?

In the USA the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and some ISPs keep track of individuals that download and share pirated content. Sometimes the RIAA and the MPAA hire copyright lawyers to go after individuals and demand payment in the form of hefty out-of-court settlements.

Typically, copyrights trolls threaten to sue unless the individual who has received the letter agrees to pay the settlement. Dragging streamers into court is not a profitable business model. That’s the reason some copyright trolls never follow through on their threats.

Kodi makers came out against the people who make money by selling add-ons that link to copyrighted material.  So, if we are concerned about breaking copyright laws, we can always choose to limit ourselves to installing add-ons from squeaky clean Kodi approved software repositories.

Will Kodi continue to remain legal?

                   Yes for sure. Streaming is growing in popularity, so most politicians don’t want to try to help push through stricter streaming laws that affect the general public. 

Here are few Kodi add-ons that can download pirated torrent files:

                  None of the below are illegal. However, if we use them for downloading copyrighted content then we will be in a copyright troll.

  • Torrenter
  • Pulsar
  • KMedia Torrent
  • Quasar
  • YATP

Studies indicate that future generations will be more comfortable with sharing and viewing copyrighted content. In the USA, young people and highly educated people were more comfortable with downloading and viewing copyrighted content compared to the general population. 

Are Kodi Boxes illegal to the USA

Following are the recent updates from various countries–

Update 1:  On February        2017, British police forces arrested 5 people accused of selling and distributing illegal kodi set-up boxes in the North West of England and Wales.

Update 2: On April 4th 2017, Amazon has officially banned the selling of Android TV Boxes on its website. Amazon even threatened to suspend the accounts of anyone who attempts to sell “fully loaded: android TV boxes.

Update 3: On April 11, 2017. EBay followed Amazon suits and banned the selling of kodi boxes on its website as well.

Update 4: on may5th 2017, Face book updated their commerce policy to prohibit the sale of android TV boxes according to torrent freak.

Update 5: streaming pirated content using illicit add-ons is now just as illegal in EU as downloading copyrighted material.

This is a grey area. Whether Kodi boxes can be consider illegal or not largely depend on your current country of residence. UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, France have strict laws against online piracy. What you might not be aware of is that a lot of the kodi add-ons we are using to watch videos movies and TV shows get their video feed from pirated streaming sites. This is the reason UK police arrested recently arrested a kodi TV seller.  Our ISP can easily monitor out online activities. This is the reason so many unsuspecting kodi TV box users get copyright infringement notices from their ISPs to stay on the safe side use VPN on your kodi TV box. That way we can stream movies TV serials and live TV channels anonymously.

Wrap-Up on whether these Boxes are safe and legal to Use—

The best thing about online privacy and security is that it only takes using a proper antivirus application and a recognized VPN service provider on our Kodi TV Box and we will have done all our need to do to protect our self from any safety and legal issues. As long as the add-on only streams content and does not download it, we won’t get in trouble for using it.


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