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facebook app for android

Do you charge your battery to 100% every morning and use it for surfing social media and doing other jobs as well? But does it run out of battery in a couple of hours despite all your efforts of trying to save it? If yes then it is probably because your facebook app is consuming too much power and draining your entire battery. Not just that, it uses a huge amount of data to load the newsfeeds which cause you to run out of your data balance very quickly. Facebook app also has a size of 65mb which consumes a lot of memory and requires a lot of RAM to run properly.

If you are tired of the facebook app crashing after every two minutes due to less RAM availability, you should switch to some of the best alternatives available on Google play store for the android devices. These third party apps consume less power, are efficient and small in size, therefore, letting you browse without any hindrance. Now out of the thousands of options available in the Google play store if you are finding it hard to choose the best app for doing facebook, don’t worry we bring to you the best facebook app available for android in 2017.

The best facebook app for android, 2017 is Metal for facebook.

What is Metal for Facebook?   

Metal for facebook is the most popular alternative for the official facebook app available on android devices .it has been created and released in play store by Nam Nghiem. It has over one million downloads, and its size is only 2 mb which is like one twentieth of the size of the original facebook app. It is an easy to use and lightweight application that loads your newsfeeds a lot faster than the original Facebook app. This app runs facebook in a wrapper; it means if you close the application you device would not have any access to your account thus making it extremely safe to use. The developer has a good track record and regularly releases updates on play store to enrich your experience while browsing.

Features of Metal for Facebook –

Let’s take a look at some of the top features which makes this app easily the best app in this sector for 2017. So the reasons why Metal for Facebook stands out from other similar apps are

  • It is a very lightweight app, and the application size is below 2mb, which saves both your memory and RAM and does not crash while running.
  • It gives you an option to choose any theme you like, choose the conventional facebook blue and white theme or from an array of themes. There is a dark theme, a flat, white and beautiful theme provided by Metal for facebook. Yes, its Time to ditch the monotony.
  • You get the option to block images which saves both your time and your data thereby you can scroll through your news feeds without loading the images which consume a lot of your data.
  • There is a persistent notification called Metal Bar which has the shortcuts using which you can instantly open your Facebook feed over any other current application you are using. It will pop up a window over the other applications. The Metal bar also has shortcuts to open your notifications and the messages of your facebook account.
  • It has a sleek and user friendly design which can be smoothly operated by everyone.
  • Metal for facebook gives you an ad free experience as ads are blocked. Most of the other third party applications have ads popping up now and then.
  • The last and the best feature is that it is available for free on Google play store and is compatible with all the android versions.

How to use Metal for Facebook?

Once you have downloaded and successfully installed the Metal for the Facebook app on your android device, you need to follow the usual steps and sign in to your account. There Is a faster login option available there with lets you log into your facebook account using just a 4 digit password.

After signing in, you will see a sidebar which will make your navigation a lot easier. You can now open your messages and notifications from the sidebar there. You will find a box on top of the page from where the statuses can be updated. You can also upload photos and check in from there.

The integrated messaging feature lets you send and receive messages directly from the Metal app. So you do not need to open messenger every time to send or read a message.

While uploading photos or status, there are all the options available like backgrounds, stickers, moods, etc.

So if you are thinking getting a third party app to browse

will lead to compromising a lot of things, you are wrong. Metal for facebook will let you do all of it and even more with using half of your data. It will save 20% of your battery life and also save the space on your internal memory. The app will be your playground once you install and start using it. Your 300mb of space consisting of the facebook and messenger app can now be replaced with an app with consumes just 2mb of space, isn’t that amazing? The app looks promising with scope for even more revolutionary updates on the future. As already mentioned the developers update it once every two weeks, so there is hardly any glitch or lag in the app. Your device will also run faster if less amount of RAM is used. So if you are still confused whether or not to give this app a try, go on install, you won’t be disappointed. Expect loads of saved data and an increased battery life once you start using. This is undoubtedly the best Facebook app available for android devices in 2017.


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