Best Online Services to Cartoonify yourself


Top Online Services to Cartoonify yourself

Who does not like Cartoons? All of us have seen a lot of movies, animes and cartoon series in our childhood. We used to be crazy about that. Even today, many of us love to watch all this. But have you ever wondered about making a cartoon sketch of yourself? I know it requires great skills and practice to do so but what if I tell you that this is not necessary now. Yes, you guessed it right; with the development in the world of tech, everything has become possible.

In the past few years, the majority of the population had come online and they use various tools in their everyday lives. So why not try some tools to cartoonify yourself? We have got some very interesting tools for you with which you can easily cartoonify yourself and look like some anime character.

You can create your cartoon within a couple of minutes. And if you are like me who loves to experiment with their pictures, then this could one of the best ways to make them look more attractive and beautiful. Just follow the sites and apps and use them thoroughly to get full benefit and rock between your friends.

Best Online tools to Cartoonify Yourself!!

Although you will find a lot of tools on the Internet that says they can create the best avatar ever but a few times this might not be true. So we have selected the best apps and sites out of them. Here’s a list of 15 best tools that you can use to cartoonify yourself!!

  1. Be Funky

There’s a reason to keep this at the top because it has lot more to offer than what you think. It has hundreds of features to turn your pictures into oil sketches, paintings, underpainting and more. This works just like the Photoshop app and offers the extra carootnifying options to make your pictures more beautiful and attractive. Its Cartoonizer tool will give you a vibrant graphic effect along with bold lines and some stark contrast. Apart from this, it has too many art filters but one of them is just amazing. It brings richness and adds texture to the photo that can’t be captured manually by any camera.

Access Be Funky from here:

  1. Cute Face Maker

The Cute Face Maker is an Android app that lets you convert your photos into oil paintings, oil sketches, pencil drawings, etc. The user interface provided is really interesting and easy to use. The simple controls let you switch between front and rear camera, change flash settings, change filters, on/off HDR (if your device supports it) and much more with ease. Apart from this, just like you have an option in Photoshop and Lightroom, the app provides you option to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, temperature, and various other interesting options to make your pic look more amazing.

Give a try to Cute Face Maker from here:

  1. Cartoon Photo

Only capturing a pic in default manner is not enough in today’s world, you need to do something different to make the pic more attractive and eye-catchy. With the growing time, we expect more and more from the photo editors. This online service, Cartoon Photo, would provide you something that proves to be really handy. You just need to upload the pic you want to be edited and it will automatically provide you various kinds of filters and effects to make it more beautiful and marvelous. Not only this, you will get numerous facial animations and altered face expressions. You can change the mood of pic from sad to happy or surprised from happy.

Give a try to Cartoon Photo from here:

  1. Powerpuff yourself

If you have ever watched Cartoon Network in the 90s then you would probably be aware of the one of the most famous cartoon serial of 90s, the Powepuff Girls. If you are a fan of those girls, like me, you would love this app. It’s a simple and straightforward app that lets you change your looks and avatar. With this east use tool, you can customize each and every thing except the shape of the face and background.

Access the Powerpuff yourself tool from here:!/en

  1. PiZap

PiZap is a paid tool that let you do a lot more than you think, with your pictures. Its photo supervisor lets you discourse bubbles, add image impacts, a full painting project, and numerous beautiful stickers. This tool comes with tons of unique filters and great effects, including classic image editor filters like black and white, and a few wild filters like Light FX. Although the tool is paid but even with the free trial version you get too many features to make your pictures awesome and fantabulous.

Give a try to PiZap from here:

  1. Clip 2 Comic

Clip 2 Comic, as the name suggests, provides some funny and comic kind of characters for filters. It has powerful photo and video editing tools that lets you transfer your photos and videos into cartoon sketches and caricatures. You get 8 different filters to choose from, including a neon style, a sketch, for easy conversions. Also, you can tweak the filters using retouch tools to remove unwanted elements, adjust strokes (making them big or small) or remove the unwanted backgrounds or remove the original color and make it look more attractive.

Give a try to Clip 2 Comic from here:

  1. Moment Cam Cartoons and Stickers

Loving chatting? That too with emojis and GIFs? This is the app you would really love and use it a lot!! The Moment Cam app lets you personalize your own emoticons and express your mood in the best, cutest and funniest way possible!! All the avatars that you made are completely customizable. You can choose from thousands of backgrounds available.

Try this best ever app, Moment Cam from here:

Final Verdict

Making a cartoon kind of look of your friends or of yourself is really fun and interesting. So why not give a try to one of these apps or sites and have fun!! Do let us know about your favorite app or site out of this in the comment section below and share your thoughts on these types of tools as well.


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