How To Change Mouse Direction In Dual Monitors

Dual Monitors

Way to change Mouse Direction in Dual Monitors

Since the advent of gaming and multitasking, the issue of Mouse direction on Dual Monitors is still a severe one. In the earlier days, this issue was a lot more persistent on Windows Vista which supported Dual Monitor Output. However, depending on your experience and moving the mouse here and there will not help much with the cause.

The Main Issue

For sure, the problem with mouse direction is a lot more noticeable when we set up the dual monitor setup. Although the setup looks stunning and elegant its problems can be a sudden setback for the majority of the gamers as well as for multi-taskers.

Basically, one issue which you will notice is that you are unable to move your mouse pointer from your primary monitor to your secondary monitor in the direction from left to right. This issue will definitely be faced by almost every individual who has a desire to set up dual monitors.

Also, this gives the impression of the cursor being stuck. As a result, if you take a keen consideration, you will notice that moving the mouse cursor on the right makes it appear on the left of the secondary monitor.

Hence, how can you make it work in the right directional way, i.e. primary-right to Secondary-Left?

The Solution

Possibly, there are two solutions to this issue which are explained as follows

  • At first, you can physically swap the two monitors. With this, you can keep the secondary monitor on the left side and can make arrangements for the Primary Monitor to be on the Right Side. But, this solution is not much practical in many cases,
  • Now in the second case, follow the following process:
  1. Right Click on the Primary Monitor and select the Personalize Option.
  2. Then, locate the Display Settings and find pictures of both Primary as well as Secondary Monitors in the Monitors Tab.
  3. Next, use the Mouse Cursor to drag the monitor to its correct position. Either you can define the position from left to right or vice versa all depends on your work ability,
  4. Click on OK, save the settings and you are good to go.

How TO Change Mouse Direction In Dual Monitors IN Windows 10?

In the modern age world, almost half of the world’s population must be using the all new Windows 10 for doing the essential tasks or even playing games on their PC. But for those who are opting for Dual Displays, a pool of problems awaits for such type of users. Hence, in this article, the curtains will be rolled off and you will master the art of changing the Mouse Direction in Dual Monitors in Windows 10

Steps To To Change Mouse Direction In Dual Monitors In Windows 10

  1. By default, if you keenly look at your display settings, it will show the primary display on the left and secondary display on the right. However, if your displays are set the very same way on your desk, everything is pretty fine in such case. Moving the Mouse Cursor will enter from the primary display straight to the secondary display.

Dual Monitors In Windows 10

Given below is a red arrow indication which visualizes the pointer moving from display one to display two.

  1. In another case, if you reorganize your desk for any of the reasons, and change the position of both the displays, the i.e. secondary display being on the left and the primary one being on the right, the pointer will still function properly. The pointer will leave the first display from the right and will enter display 2 located on the left side.
  2. Also, some users may have the desire to move the mouse pointer between displays where it will cover the left and the right edge of both the displays. To perform this, you will need to change the Display Settings in order to match your display settings layouts. With this, you can get the pointer movements in a logical format. For this, just drag and drop the secondary display.mouse pointer between displays
  3. Now, you will need to locate the secondary Display Thumbnail wherever you wish. In such cases, you will have to see towards the entry as well as the exit area of the pointer. Hence, remember to set the Display Thumbnails in a correct position.

Secondary Display Thumbnail

Secondary Display Thumbnail

Secondary Display Thumbnail

Given below are certain screenshots which shows the mouse’s entry as well as its exit criteria:

  1. When you are done with the above steps, you will be able to move the pointer in a logical manner from one display to another without any issue whatsoever.

logical manner from one display to another

Although the issue of changing the mouse direction in Dual monitors is a long and still a persisting one, you can go through the above article and clear all your doubts related to such problem. As we all know, there is a solution to every problem and it just takes the right determination and a free will to solve it from their roots.

At last, for users who are using the traditional Windows Operating system or using the all-new Windows 10, implement the above-mentioned steps and enjoy the lure benefits of your Dual Monitor regardless of your workability criteria.


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