Everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency created with the help of an encryption software. The approach happens to be one of the best solutions invented in the past couple years. It handles security as well as control issues that earlier stopped the development of this advanced digital currency. In case you’ve heard of someone talking about famous digital currencies currencies in the past, we are sure it was in the cryptocurrency format. It is doing  quite well across the world today and is becoming increasingly popular. Let’s find out how and why!

Cryptography and its history

Cryptography goes back to World War II, when there was a major communication gap in the world. Since then, a slow evolution has occurred and it has successfully become digitalized today. Where we still have mathematical theories and computer science elements for the purpose of securing information and money, cryptography is doing quite an excellent job with it’s advance methods.

How does cryptocurrency work?

Cryptocurrency helps you to make use of decentralized technology so that different users can make payments which are safe and secure. It also helps in saving money without using a name as such or even going to a bank or any other financial institution. They work with the help of a blockchain which is described as a public ledger and is distributed publicly.

Public Ledgers

Transactions are confirmed when they are stored safely. Often a public ledger is used for this. The rule was founded when cryptocurrency was formulated and is still being carried out. The system has been designed in such a way that it uses cryptographic techniques only to make sure that the legitimacy is restored. The owners of the coin are encrypted here too. The ledger will here ensure that the digital wallets can carry out its basic functions such as having a spendable balance. However, the latest transactions should be checked so that all transactions only use those coins which are owned by the spender.


Next comes transactions. When funds are transferred between wallets that are digital and two in number, only then you can call it a transaction. Wallets here use something called encrypted electronic signature that provides a mathematical proof about the coming of your transaction. It does take a little time to conform but it definitely works!


The units are created with the help of a process which is called mining. It requires the help of a computer power. Doing this solves your major problems as it tends to get extremely complicated otherwise. Users however, may not get hold of this randomly. It is only brokers who provide this facility. Once the user has got hold of them, they can store in cryptographic wallets where they can be spent easily.

Why should you try cryptocurrency?

  1. It’s transparent

Cryptocurrency. If you are using bitcoin, you will find a open ledger on which you can find all transactions safely recorded. Once a transaction has been finished and recorded on the ledger, in no way can it be changed. Transactions can be verified whenever you want anywhere and anytime. Nobody will manipulate this.

  1. Inflation doesn’t occur

This is probably the second best reason why you should try cryptocurrency. It doesn’t experience inflation because such government continues to print more cash and it has no effect on you. Bitcoins never go through this as they is a finite number of bitcoins that can be easily mined. The growth of population will stop once the numbers have reached 10 billion people. That would take a few decades more at least.

  1. You handle your cash

All transactions are dependent. The users are protected from any kind of theft which could happen. The transactions are controlled by you so you can make sure its safe.

  1. Portability

Cryptocurrency can always be transported no matter how large the amount is. There will be no detection for sure. You can carry billions of dollars if you want in a memory drive. It is not advisable though.

The best thing about cryptocurrency markets is that they offer a whole new form of cash with rewards that are great. You can make small investments only to find out later that it has become some great within a short span of time. However, what you must always remember that the market can become volatile at times and there are risks you should be careful of. There are certain kinds of anonymities attached to cryptocurrencies and the only challenge is that illegal activity may exist. This means that you have to be extremely careful while buying.


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