Grabbing A Programming Job Without Any Degree


It is a general concept that to get a good job you need to have a valid degree because your degree is your proof that you have mastery on that particular subject. After this, you can apply for different job profiles that require the skills acquired by you. But nowadays, due to the advent of new technologies and boosting up of the internet world, many people are acquiring good knowledge on their favoured topic without having a valid degree on that particular subject.

Mostly, nowadays more and more people are learning how to code either by self-study or teaching themselves or through programming boot camps or joining online courses that provide free or paid services for the courses they offer. Now, the important thing is that those large groups of people that opt for mastering their skills without having any computer science degree need jobs and to get a job without any valid degree is very challenging in this fast-paced world.

One has to work a little bit harder or has to make more effort in programming job without a degree as compared to those that have a Computer science degree. But if one is dedicated and has mastered the programming and coding skills to perfection and has a great portfolio then one can end up getting a suitable job for himself/herself. Even Bill Gates was a college dropout and did not have a degree. So, to get a programming job without any degree, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Know The Basics Of Coding And Master It Efficiently:

If you want to make a career out of programming, then you need to have mastery over coding. And, for that, you need to learn the basics of coding first. If you have mastered the basics of coding, then you have more chances of getting a job. You can then opt for intensive boot camps and professional training to get a good grasp on programming and coding.

  1. Connect With Other Coders:

It’s very important that while learning to code, you need some experts advice or you need someone that already has mastered programming. For that, you need to connect with other coders who can guide you in a better way.

  1. Prove How Good You Are At Programming:

Yes, you need to prove in front of your job provider that you have mastered the skills required for the programming job. For that, you need to get in touch with your preferred company. Offer to work for free for them. You can take part in online forums and display your skill to open source communities and also review code collaboratively.

  1. Write A Good Application About Why You Do Not Have A Degree:

This is very important. Although a company would expect its applicants to hold a degree in computer science, you can still apply without having any degree. You just need to write a good application or a personalized cover letter explaining reasons behind you not getting a degree related the skills that you have mastered. You can also contact specialist recruitment agency that can help you write a detailed, personalized cover letter.

  1. Personal Website:

You need to have a personal web site that showcases your skills. Your website should be well organized, and the skills you have mastered should be well displayed on your website so that your recruiter or employer will easily understand your work portfolio. You can put blogs regarding the new things that you have learned. You employer or recruiter need.

Apart from these, you need to be technically sound in all aspects related to the job requirement or your choice of job. Your projects should be innovative and should be showcased in such a way that your recruiter gets impressed by just getting a few glances on your project. You need to be a step ahead of your degree holder counterpart in all aspects of programming skills.


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