How to Create Temporary/Disposable Email Address with Yopmail?


For many of you, the concept of having a “Temporary/Disposable” Email address must be new. You must be wondering what it’s all about and how it works. To clear your thoughts and doubts about the same, here is a brief explanation telling everything about it before we proceed and learn how to create one.

What are Disposable/Temporary email addresses?

Disposable/Temporary email addresses help you keep spam mail away. If you have noticed, your email is usually bombarded with a number of sales pitch, which you never even signed up for. Then you take all the time unsubscribing to these mails or mark them as spam. That is just such a tiring and time-consuming process.

But, have you ever wondered why this happens? The internet, as we know, is an open portal and anyone can get their hands on our information. Spam mails too are a result of this. Whenever we enter our email on any website’s contact form, it gets into the hands of spammers, who for earning a few bucks, bombard your mailbox with unnecessary and irrelevant emails.

As a solution to this problem, disposable/temporary email addresses were created, whereby you would not require using your real email address but an alias of it. For every website or mailing list, you will have one specific alias, all connected to your real email address. Hence, all your emails from these aliases will be forwarded to your real email address, as if you had used your primary email address in the first place.

In this case if you happen to receive spam messages, the source can be easily identified due to the assigned disposable email address entered on each site, which are site specific. Spam messages would not have the alias mail address and they are sieved as spam easily.

What is Yopmail?

There are numerous disposable email generators available on the internet today that allow you to use a varied number of services like email signup, newsletter, and email verification purpose without much hassles. Yopmail, though a new disposable/temporary email service, is one of the best among all others available on the internet.

The best part about Yopmail is that it does not require a signup and provides access to any email address in the form, including additional domains that you find listed on its home page.  Furthermore, while some Internet services block disposable email addresses during sign up, Yopmail’s domains prevent this from happening. This means that  even if the core Yopmail address is blocked you can still use the additional domains provided, to sign-up.

Since, Yopmail provides such useful features, it truly is a must use service for all of you who are tired of spam. So, to assist you in using Yopmail to its optimum capacity, here are the steps that you could follow, to create a  Temporary/Disposable email Address with the service. The process is simple and short so it won’t waste much of your time either.  Let’s have a look.

Steps to Create Yopmail Email addresses

  • Your first step is obviously to visit ths Yopmail website first of all. You can visit the website from here.   
  • When you land on the homepage, you will see a number of options under the section on the right-hand corner, which says “Type the Email name of your choice”.
  • Among the options, choose the one that says “Random email address”.

  • You will be directed to a new page wherein Yopmail provides you with an alternate email address. All you need to do is copy the email and start using your alias to sign-up on websites.

  • You can always come back and check your Yopmail inbox with the generated ID.
  • Read the emails and sieve through the meaningful ones and forward them to your main mailbox.
  • Yopmail will ask you to verify your email for forwarding the message via an authentication code.
  • Enter the authentication code on Yopmail and you will receive your email in your mailbox. However, note that emails on Yopmail are only valid for 8 days.
  • Other than these steps, another easy way to use Yopmail is by just using a dummy name with the domain name or its alternative domains provided on the website. Yopmail will instantaneously create your address effortlessly. For easy access to your Yopmail inbox, you can also use its plugin and widget option. All you have to do is enter the alias name in the box on the right hand corner of the page and check inbox. All your mails will be available there for you to choose from. This feature prevents others from accessing your mails and misusing it.


    So, this is all Yopmail is about. Simple and non-nuisance way to create disposable emails without any account creation hassles. The service is completely safe and authentic, with all your emails safe from prying eyes. The service is highly recommended and is surely one of the best in the industry where spammers flock the market. Try it out yourselves to believe it. It surely will leave you with no regrets.


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