How To Directly Contact Facebook Admin Team For Any Help?


Facebook is among the mughals of social networking websites. With over 2.07 billion active monthly users worldwide, the social site has a large audience. But, with this growing number also come a number of complaints that require urgent answers. The problem could be you getting locked out of your FB account or someone hacking it. Whatever, the problem may be, you need the Facebook admin to sort it for you. After all, Facebook has so much of your personal information on it and you do not want it falling in the wrong hands ever.

There are several ways to contact the FB team. But, the real questions you are asking is “Which is the fastest way to get our Facebook issue resolved?” and “Can we contact the Facebook admin directly to expedite the process?” So, to answer your queries and help you get your problem resolved as fast as possible, here four ways you can contact the FB admin to help you.

#1 Send an email

Being an internet-based company, the Facebook admin responds well to emails. There are different email IDs corresponding to the different departments of customer service and you need to ensure that you are contacting the right one for your issue to be resolved quickly.

Here are the different email IDs available on Facebook and the purpose that each one of them serve.

  • [email protected] – If you are looking for any type of information on Facebook email here.
  • [email protected] This email is to be used in case you notice any kind of suspicious activities going on in your account like Suspicious Emails, Messages, and Notifications.
  • [email protected] If by any chance you face trouble logging in to your Facebook account, this is your first point of contact.
  • [email protected] – Has your Facebook account been disabled by mistake? Send an email to the team about it and get it resolved.
  • [email protected] – This email helps you sort any privacy related issues.
  • [email protected] – If you require any type of support from Facebook, email here.
  • [email protected] – If you need to appeal to Facebook about any issue like an unpublished page due to violation of regulations, make your appeal to the team here.

#2 Use the Contact Form

Like your email ID, Facebook’s contact forms too have been segregated to help resolve your issues faster. The Facebook team has filtered about almost every kind of major issues that users might face. Some of the issues that you can directly report on Facebook contact forms are as follows.

  • Issues of account suspension or deactivation
  • Appeal against deactivation of account.
  • Issues of account being used by someone without your permission
  • Suspension or deactivating of your Facebook fan page.
  • Assistance for changing the name of your Facebook fan page
  • Problem related to the display of your in the search results
  • Modifications related to Facebook fan page.
  • Password reset
  • Permanently deleting Facebook account.
  • Username infringement
  • Report a search bug on Facebook
  • Report a bug on Facebook mobile
  • Report a photo bug on Facebook
  • Report a video bug on Facebook

There are more issues you can find within the Facebook contact form other than these to help you.

#3 Give them a buzz

Yes you heard it right. Other than emails and contact forms, the Facebook team can also be contacted via phone call for any help/assistance. Their helpline number as on the website is (650) 543-4800 to which you would require to add the country code (+1) if calling from anywhere outside the United States. It can be quite an expensive affair but also one of the fastest among the 4 ways mentioned here. You should however choose this option as a last resort, only if your emails or messages via contact forms do not help.

If and when you decide to call the Facebook team for assistance, you should be aware that you will not get through directly. You will have to choose certain prompts over the IVR to get through to your desired department. For instance, id you are calling for security of your account you need to choose the option for Security as cited over the IVR. Once you land on the department of your choice, you will asked to leave a message regarding your concerns and the corresponding Facebook team will contact you via email to resolve your issue.

#4 Hashtag on other social networks

If Facebook does not answer you after all your tried attempts of contacting them, give them a shout-out on other social networks. Being a brand, Facebook would not want it’s reputation to go awry and will definitely answer your query. Take to Twitter or any discussion worthy social network with a hashtag against the name “Facebook” with your question next to it.


It can be a headache to face any issues with Facebook. After all, it is the one stop destination for getting in touch with all your friends. Hence, if you are facing real-time issues with your Facebook issues try all these options one after the other. However, Facebook does respond fast. Yet, why not keep all options handy when we can? Right?


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