How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Free for Lifetime?


The art of writing is built on the foundation of certain ingredients, like grammar, sentence structure, voice, and punctuation, which if not put together correctly can destroy your image as a writer. Among all of these, the most important ingredient that requires careful scrutiny by a writer, is “grammar”. Grammar is the main pillar, by which the strength of an article, blog, or even a quote can be judged. Put yourself in the shoes of a reader and imagine reading a book with grammatical errors right from the first line. At most, you might just go as far as the first paragraph, but to step beyond that would be a nightmare for you.

Content is beautiful, as long as you can do justice to it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the words too must carry some value and weightage in them to do justice to the picture. Today, content is an essential component of any business. It is the voice that represents a brand’s identity to the masses. Furthermore with an increasing growth of technology and social media, when a business’ identity is out in the open for everyone to see, a simple grammatical error can cause irreparable damage.

It’s understandable that not every writer has what it takes to make acceptable content, while those who do, can also make mistakes. So, as a solution to this problem, numerous apps have been created, which are programmed to put punctuations where they belong, correct spellings, and most of rectify any grammatical errors present in the document. Among all the apps available in the market, the Grammarly app is most well-renowned and widely used.

Nevertheless, even though the app is valuable for editing purposes, it does not live up to its full potential unless a premium version is purchased. Having access to the premium version of Grammarly can equip users with impeccable benefits like,

  • Plagiarism checker to confirm the authenticity of your write-up worldwide.
  • Improved checks for spellings, sentence structuring, grammar, and punctuations.
  • Better suggestions for synonyms and definitions, thus offering a wider range of vocabulary.

You might still think, “ Why go Premium and spend so much money?” Well, it is only but reasonable to question yourself and the app, when it comes to shelling out your hard-earned money, especially because most apps do not fulfill what they promise. So, to judge the credibility and efficiency of the Premium version of Grammarly for yourself, here are three ways to obtain it free of cost and continue using it for a lifetime.

#1 The Referral Method

When you opt for the Grammarly Premium trial version, after signing up and creating an account, this will remain valid only for a week. However, Grammarly offers a referral program via which each referral made earns you one week of extra trials. So, if you make 50 referrals, that means you get 50 weeks of trial free. That’s equivalent to having the Grammarly Premium version for 2 years in a row. Here are the steps to follow through with this method.

  • Login to your Grammarly account.
  • Once you are logged in, look for the Grammarly referral program link and click on it.
  • Send referral links to as many friends as possible.
  • Everytime a friend clicks on the unique referral link sent by you, you will win a week’s extension to your trial version.

#2  Become an Affiliate

If you are a blogger or a writer with a good social presence then this method can work well for you. Here’s how you need to proceed to get a lifetime access to the Grammarly premium version.

  • Sign up for the Grammarly free account and use it for a few days.
  • Send the Grammarly team an email after using the app for a few weeks, telling them that you would like to write them a sponsored post (Grammarly can pay up to $25 for an article that you write for them, if they like it.). Also mention that you would require access to the premium account for testing purposes.
  • Wait out their reply. It will take them some time to confirm your details as a writer
  • When the team replies, if they feel that you are a legit writer, they will provide you with login details for a premium account on Grammarly, which will have a month’s validity on it.
  • Test the Grammarly Premium version for a while after which you will have to write a review on it and publish it on your website.
  • Submit the review link to the Grammarly Affiliate team and once they approve it you can get a lifetime of free access to Grammarly from every user your affiliate link earns.

#3 Use Grammarly Edu Accounts

Grammarly Edu accounts are created for students by institutes or educational organisations who have a tie-up with Grammarly. Students with an Edu account have free access to Grammarly.

All that you have to do, if you have an Edu account, is to contact the Grammarly team with legit details and ask them for free access and they will.

If you do not possess Grammarly Edu details, you can always take the help of Google and get one created. But, suggestion is that always use legit details.


Grammarly is a one-stop language correction tool that can be used by everyone from students to lawyers and businesses who want to build their brand.

Grammarly is one of the world’s leading automated proofreader, the premium version of which can open a number of possibilities like checking for more than 400 or more types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, enhancing the usage of vocabulary and suggestions for citations.

The three methods discussed above are legit, and tried and tested methods that can give you a lifetime’s supply of knowledge in written English. Use them to your benefit and reap the rewards of a well-written piece. With Grammarly by your side write every piece of content with confidence and get the best results.


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