How to Stop others from Stealing and Customizing your Theme Code


Customizing your Theme Code: With the advent of the Internet in almost every part of the world, every information around the world has become accessible to all the users. The Internet has its share of boons. It has enabled the world to connect with each other. The Internet has become a source of gaining knowledge and information. The Internet has also become a primary source of entertainment. The Internet has also become a place to trade. It has become a place to showcase your talent or the thing that you can offer to the world. However, with the rise of the Internet usage, issues like copyright, plagiarism, stealing data and the piracy of digital content have emerged as one of the biggest headaches. Added to that, if your website has unique content or them that can help you to increase your revenue, you will incur a loss, if you’re content or offering is copied rampantly for free.

There is no whole secure way that you can prevent your works or theme from getting stolen or customized. Your theme and the world is available on the web, and anyone has access to it. However, you can adopt some measures that will make it more difficult for the digital pirates to access your theme for free. Read on to know!

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  • First and foremost thing you can do is to disable the right-click option or CTRL+ C option on your content. Clicking on ‘Copy’ option is the easiest way to copy content. So what you need to do is download a WordPress plugin that will use the Javascript to eliminate the contextual menu on your theme. Apart from using the plugin, you need to disable the link of the image that you have uploaded. For that, go to ‘link to’ drop-down box and select ‘none.’ For the plugin, WordPress recommends you to use ‘WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click’ plug-in.
  • All the WordPress themes are now coming up with the copyright notice that you can use. So that whenever a user is going to download an image or video, they will be deterred by the copyright notice that is visible with the download. But if you are not using WordPress them or if your theme does not have this copyright notice, then you can add the below code in your footer.php file of the theme directory.

Copyright ©

< ?php $the_year = date(“Y”);echo $the_year; ? >

<?php bloginfo(‘url’) ; ?>

All Rights Reserved.

  • So do you own website that has educational and exciting videos? You need to protect your video then definitely. With the advent of the downloading tools and the torrent, any paid videos are easily accessible. It will result in the downloading of your unique video for thousands of times. That’s why it is better to keep your video to your own source or blog and give just a glimpse or a link into an open source theme. For protecting the privacy of your Video, you can use the tools like Vimeo Plus, Amazon S3 and Cloud Front.
  • Including a printed copyright watermark may deflect picture downloaders yet as beforehand specified, they are expertly trimmed out and won’t stop individuals who genuinely need your pictures. Another arrangement is to utilize a semi-straightforward picture to watermark over the entire of your picture.

In the end

While it’s not generally conceivable to prevent individuals from taking your pictures, at times, they may quit utilizing them on their site on the off chance that you ask pleasantly. Numerous web clients inherently don’t understand that it’s illicit or even terrible conduct to take pictures that they find on the web and if you request that they bring them down, they’ll joyfully agree.


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