How to Troubleshoot an Emerson LCD TV?


Way to Troubleshoot an Emerson LCD TV?

Emerson LCD TV: In this modern world, everyone loves to watch daily soaps and movies on their TV. No matter if it is a Smart TV or not, we love watching our favorite shows daily. Among the popular TV manufacturers, Emerson has also made its popularity in budget segment LCD televisions. You probably have one from Emerson and that’s the reason you landed on this page :”)

Well, Emerson Televisions are mostly worth the value product. The reason they provide pretty good video and audio quality at cheap prices. But hey, it is an electronic device and behaving abnormally at times is common for it. Have you encountered any flaws while using the Emerson LC TV? Well, probably you would have.

Troubles with Emerson LC TVs

The troubles that have encountered with the Emerson TVs are common. But it varies from place to place and LCD to LCD. Well, what trouble you encountered?

At times, you may not find the display to appear. But at the same time, the audio is audible to us. And sometimes you have seen just opposite of this. The video is being displayed but you can’t hear any audio. Not only this you may have found at times that there’s some problem with both- audio and video.

Well, no need to panic much in such conditions. As these are just some common troubles, you can solve them easily. Want to know how? Well, have a look at some of the points we have mentioned below. I’m pretty sure they will help you a lot to provide a flawless experience with your Emerson LCD TV.

How to Troubleshoot an Emerson LCD TV?

As I have mentioned above that these are just some common problems, so their solutions are simple and easy as well. How? Go through this post and find it out yourself 😉

Step #1:

In case you have recently walked through a power cut, disconnect the power cord of your TV from the socket, i.e. unplug it. Then wait for around 30-40 minutes and let the TV rest on itself. This will allow the interface to rest automatically. Then once the time runs out, connect the power cord to the socket. Wait a couple of seconds and then press the “Power” button on your remote control to turn on the LCD.

Step #2:

In case you still see a blank display on the screen or do not hear any audio, check whether the power cord of TV is fitted properly. Also, check whether all the other cords such as video cord and audio cord for all devices are connected correctly. Apart from this verify if all the cable or antenna connections are secured and TV to wall terminal connection is tight.

Step #3:

Have a look at your remote control. Maybe the battery you are using currently is down. Try reinstalling the batteries in the remote control. Also, check for the poles of the battery of they are connected correctly, i.e. negative and positive ends matches the battery’s compartments. Move a bit closer to the infrared sensor of the TV and then try the remote control. Remember that don’t replace just one battery, replace both.

Step #4:

Turn on the station you wish to have. In case only one or two station has troubles, try to get in touch with your cable TV operator. Ask them to fix these issues as soon as possible so that you can continue your flawless experience.

Step #5:

In case you have encountered some trouble with the picture, try to change the display settings. It means that try changing the contrast, brightness, etc. of your screen.

To do this, go to the “Setup” menu by pressing the button on your remote control. Using the arrow keys make the best selection that suits you. Select the option of “Picture” and then press the Enter button. After that select the option of “Brightness” and increase it. Similarly, decrease Contrast from the “Contrast” option.

Step #6:

In case you have encountered the trouble of double images or double audio, try moving the nearby items. It may be possible that some of the nearby appliances with wireless connectivity are affecting the network of your TV.

Also, you can check for the wear or tear of your network cable or antenna and check for damage. But remember that DON’T TOUCH THE WIRES YOURSELF. Instead, contact your cable TV operator or satellite service provider to install new connections and remove damaged wires or antenna.

Step #7:

In case you don’t hear any sound, try pressing the “Volume Up” button and increase the level. Also, try pressing the “Input” button again and again to access the DVD player or VCR or any other external device connected to your TV.

Step #8:

What if you find out that the TV is turned on still neither the video nor the audio is being displayed? For this, try running an auto channel search or scan. This might be caused due to non-reception of signals.

For doing this, go to the “Setup” menu by pressing the button on your remote control. From there, select the option of “Channel Setup” and hit the “Enter” button. Now select your desired preset. You can choose from “Auto Preset CH (TV/DTV)”, “Auto Preset CH (DTV)” or “Auto Preset CH (CATV)”.

Once the scan is completed, you will be able to see the channel with least memory on your screen first. Then you can jump to the channel that you wish to watch.

Final Verdict

Well, these were just some common troubleshooting steps that you can try. I hope they would have surely helped you. In case you didn’t find any solution to your problems, do let us know about them in the comment section below. Also, do leave your experience with such problems of your LCD TVs. And to get more awesome content like this on a regular basis, follow on all social media platforms. Thank You ☺


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