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Walmart Discount card on

Walmart Discount card: WalMart has been one of the best retail and wholesale stores for shopping various goods. From the revenue point of view, Walmart is the largest revenue maker company in the world. Currently, it has around 11.7k stores in more than 28 countries worldwide.

Walmart no longer is just an awesome place to shop, it provides with a lot more than you can think.

The amazing discount offers and all-time discounted items make it unique and different from all other companies.

Not only for their customers, it has a lot to provide to their employees as well. Being an employee of Wal-Mart can fill your life with benefits :”)

What is Walmart’s Discount Card?

I have mentioned above about the benefits provided by Walmart. Let us discuss about one of their best benefits- the WalMart Associates Discount card. As a part of their benefits package for their employees, WalMart assigns a Discount card.

If you are a Walmart employee and don’t have this card, don’t wait. Get one assigned to you as soon as possible and shop with amazing discounts at any Walmart store across the globe. This card can be used by not just at offline stores but is applicable at online stores as well.

Associates of Wal-Mart receive an additional 10% discount on all the products that aren’t already discounted. To grab and use an Associate Discount Card, you just need to enter the proper credentials to prove your identity as a Walmart employee. Let us have a look at this in detail about how you can use it on

Use the Associates Discount

As I have already mentioned that you can get the card only if you are a Walmart employee. Casual customers and ex-employees do not have the authority to use this card.

Well, if we talk about using it at offline stores, the procedure is pretty much simple. Just shop for the items you want and show this card to prove your identity and get the discounts. Simple, isn’t it? :”)

And if we talk about the online store of Wal-Mart, i.e., the procedure isn’t that tough. Here is a simple step-by-step process to use the Wal-Mart Associates card at the online store:

Step #1:

Get the card in your hand ready for use and access the official website of Wal-Mart’s online from here:

Step #2:

On the homepage of the site, you will see an option to search at the top. Type there- “Associates” and a new page will be loaded. This is the page of Walmart Associates Login. Here you need to enter your details.

Step #3:

Here, enter your ID associated with your Wal-Mart’s Associates account. It is basically your Social security Number. And then type your password and hit the Enter key.

Step #4:

Now to prove your identity as an Associates Card Holder, you need to enter the associate Card number in the requested box.

Step #5:

At last click on “Continue”. This will let you logged in to your Walmart account with your Associates Card.

Step #6:

Now, this is your and even mine favorite part of the procedure. Shop for your favorite items by adding them to the card :”) All the items that you have selected should not have a huge discount already to avail the services of Associates Card. The items that you purchase during this duration will be applicable for the extra 10% discount.

Well, those were only a few simple steps to use the Associates Card on the online store of Walmart. I hope you didn’t face any problem while availing the 10% discount. In case you faced some obstacles, do contact us through email or simply comment down below. We’ll try to respond you as soon as possible.

Advantages of Using Walmart Associates Discount Card

Well, as you now know how to use the card, let us have a look at some of its advantages:

  1. No other customer can use this card except the employees currently working for Walmart. So you come under some of those unique people who can avail the card.
  2. The card provides extra 10% discount on the products that do not come under any other offered discounts.
  3. The card will let you save money by providing an extra discount of 10% on your bill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can anyone who has a Walmart shopping card apply for the Associates Discount Card?
  2. Nope! Only the employees of Wal-Mart currently working in Wal-Mart stores and other services can apply for this card and avail its services.
  3. What’s the exact extra discount that I will get with the Associates Discount Card?
  4. The discount offered is only 10% applied at last on the final bill.
  5. Can I use this card at offline stores?
  6. Yes, of course! This card is applicable on both, offline as well as on online stores.
  7. Can an ex-employees of Walmart apply for this card?
  8. If you are an ex-employee, you probably had a card before. Well, it does not matter at all now. Because ONLY currently working employees can avail the services of this card :”)
  9. Can I use this card on the already discounted offers in special sales?
  10. Nope! This card is only applicable to the items that do not come under any other discounted offer, no matter if it is for event sale or any other sale.

Final Verdict

Well, I hope you are now very clear about the use and advantages of using the Walmart Associates Discount Card Online and Offline too. In case you still have any question, query or suggestion regarding this topic, do let us know in the comment section below. And for more awesome posts like this, follow on all our social media platforms. Thank You


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