How to View Private Facebook profile


Way to view private Facebook Profile

We all have been using Facebook for a while now, It’s a great social media platform by the way. In some cases, it lags too. But after the change in privacy security nowadays, we can’t look at anyone’s profile. Facebook is always doing the best for its users. It is securing data from the public but leaks at Cambridge labs at the same time. If you remember the incident where Facebook was proved to leak the data of its user. We all want to have privacy on our profile but want to see someone else’s profile. Today I will be talking about how to view private Facebook profile.

Methods to view private Facebook profile

Is it really possible to view private profiles on Facebook? If the user has no knowledge about privacy settings, then it’s much easier to see his/her profile. But what if the user has turned on all the privacy settings and don’t let any unknown people see the profile, I have a solution for that too but it might not work all the time.

Why would anyone stare on someone else’s profile? The user might be a crush on someone or the user can be the child of the parents who want to see what exactly their child does on the internet. There can be more possibilities of why anyone would want to see someone else’s profile. If you want to do so, check out the methods that I have shared with you.

Method 1: Sending a message

Whenever you search for any profile or look into it. You will find an option as send a message. This won’t help you much but there is nothing bad about sending a message. Just say ‘Hello’ to the person you want to check the profile of. If he/she replies you in a polite behavior or if they are ready to have a friendship with you, it’s great.

But what if the person sends you in the worst manner as ‘I don’t know you, get lost’ then there is a small hope. Because as the user interacted with you, Facebook might show you some basic info about the user. It can be done until and unless the user blocks you straight away.

Method 2: Mutual Friends

Facebook will always show you the mutual friend. Guess what, it will be more than awesome to stalk into your crush’s profile if you have and she has your best friend in mutual. You can always ask your best friend to show you the profile of the user you want to view. If he is your actual best friend, he will definitely come to you and give you his phone or laptop and open the profile you want to watch. if he doesn’t, give him a chocolate or a treat wherever he wants. Still, if he doesn’t, just help him in his trouble anytime or give him your PlayStation (If you have one XD). It can be a time-consuming method but always worth it to give a try.

Method 3: The Fake/Known Profile

Why did I write Fake/Known profile? Yeah, you guessed it right. In this method, you need to create a fake profile of someone who is known by the user you want to view the profile of. It can be tricky and simple at the same time. However, you need to remember the points that I will be sharing in a while.

In this method, the target needs to be not in touch personally with the profile you are making. The target should not meet the fake user that you will be making. All the steps and other points to remember are listed below.

  • As discussed earlier, the target should not be in touch with the fake user every day. Or at least at the time you are making the profile and following this procedure.
  • First of all, make a profile of the person you know from the target’s friend list. It might take some time but create a profile that looks real at least to the target. Download photos from the profile and upload them on the fake one.
  • Always remember to not share your real name, phone number anywhere. The common mistake that everyone does is they share their real email address. The email is visible to whoever you send a friend request. It is always preferred to create a separate email for the fake profile.
  • Add as many friends you can from the real profile, It’s always good to experiment. If it will have more friends, the profile will look natural.
  • Then it’s time to send a friend request to your target. Don’t just send a friend request, send a message too which is described in the next step.
  • Send a message along with the friend request describing as Your last profile cannot be accessed now by you. State that It is hacked by someone or you have forgotten the password, it is a new ID which you made a few days back. Also, ask the target to accept the request as he is unable to access the previous id now.
  • Just try to be more natural, this is the hard method and if it works, you are good to go.

This is how you can access someone’s profile without letting them know that who is actually using that account. It might be permanent or temporary in some cases. If the target meets anytime to the Real person in real life. There will be a conversation between them about the new profile. Which might expose the truth and the target might block the fake profile. But it is always good to give it a try until and unless remains a hope of not getting blocked.

Method 4: Last Option

If all of the above methods don’t work for you, you are really having a bad luck. But wait, I have one last option for you. It might work in some cases but not in all. If the user lives with you or goes anywhere with you. If he/she is frank with you and you know the password of his/her phone (It’s easy to stare on the phone while they enter password) then I have good news for you. You guessed it right, you are going to accept your own request while the user is not taking look at their phone. I know it’s hard, but you don’t have any other options left. It will be easier if you go and check their phone at the time they are busy with their work.

Enjoy Stalking

We have shared all the possible methods to view private profile of someone on Facebook. This is not specifically for Facebook. You can always give a try for other social media platform as well. If you have any other solution for this particular issue, do let us know.

Also in case you find any problem in these methods contact us via email or comment down below. We’ll try to respond you as soon as possible. And for more awesome content like this do follow our site regularly ☺


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