Is the New Crunchbase Pro Worth It for Your Business?


New Crunchbase Pro

We are out here in 2018, and everything is moving at a lightning fast speed. Be it a new technology innovation or any upcoming business; the modern world is being placed in a fast track mode. For someone who owns a company, there are plenty of the things which are to be looked at with a keen consideration. For consumers who want to know about a particular company, the scenario changes a little bit.

 What is actually at Crunchbase?

Yes, we can get a list of essential from a company’s website itself, but if we want to get to the heart of a company that is where Crunchbase can be as a boon to the modern day consumers.

If we talk about crunch base, it describes itself as a “destination” which provides detailed information on the latest industry trends and other investments of millions of companies as well as public all over the world. If we talk about the latest time CrunchBase, it includes a great list of data on different investors, venture capital firms, and many startups around the world. All in all, Crunchbase can get you a detailed insight on a particular within a quick span of time.

Data of different companies and firms ranges from different products to news funds, investments and investors all form an integral component of data for any company. With an extensive list of databases and their data, potential investors can have access to the essential information they need. Also, the investors can make decisions whether to invest in that particular company or not.

Crunchbase Leading the Pack

Looking at the present day Crunchbase Blog, it is leading the pack providing all the latest day trends, Business news, and other Crunchbase updates. Also, the CrunchBase Daily helps in providing a snapshot of daily activities, news, featured searches and all the latest tech-related events. At last, Crunchbase provides different resources for developers so that they can curb the latest trends as well company data all together in their app.

Features of the Crunchbase Pro

Opting for a basic Crunchbase can provide you with all the necessary information and daily news updates without any issue whatsoever. But, if you are a professional investor or have a great vision in your eyes, you will simply have to choose the pro version of CrunchBase. With a Pro Version, you can get a detailed insight of all businesses and much more.

With just a fee of $29 per month, a whole new and fascinating data get available to you. Overall, these are some features which you can get in Crunchbase pro:

  • Enabling of Dynamic Searches

With the traditional Crunchbase, you are limited to just a handful of functionalities. Instead of searching just for text, users can get an advanced search mechanism with Crunchbase pro. As a user, you can get up to 25 filters which are quite amazing.

As a result, if you are looking for a company which can fit in your desired geographical location and with a set of investments, Crunchbase Pro can be a lot more helpful. It can narrow down your approach and can search for quite relevant people, investors as well as companies.

  • Get Custom Listing

Whether you are looking to invest in a bigger brand or want to keep an eye on your competitor, Crunchbase Pro has everything in the bag for you. In case of the traditional account, you have to use third-party software to bookmark or even to create lists. With Crunchbase, you can compile the given lists altogether.

Also, Crunchbase pro also provides email alerts about different companies or categories which can help you to cop up with the increasing challenges as well as changes in quick time.

  • Delivers a Better Analysis Result

Data Analysis is the key to making strategic decisions which can impact any company either healthily or detrimentally. Crunchbase pro brings in a lot more analysis tools which can help users to get a detailed analysis of the current market trends. Also, it offers detailed information on rankings, trending scores as well as statistics. With such extended functionality, you can focus on what is more important and can also increase the productivity criteria in extended ways.

  • Results can be exported

As a user, you will not need to transfer information manually. Crunchbase Pro can export the results to CSV files which in return can make it easy for the conduction of own analysis.

Benefits to your Business

It doesn’t really matter whether you own a multinational company or just following a startup Crunchbase Pro can add tremendous benefits to your existing business strategies.

If you are in a Competitive business industry, Crunchbase Pro can help you to stay ahead

With Crunchbase Pro, you can easily keep track of your competitor’s rankings. Here are some of the questions which can be easily answered using Crunchbase pro:

  • How much was an increase or decrease in your competitor’s activity?
  • What type of investment are they making?
  • What is the name of the Investor who is investing in them?

Overall, with the additional features of Crunchbase pro, you can take essential decisions looking at the overall statistics and outperform your competitors to a greater margin.

Looking for a New Job? Crunchbase Pro can be a promising factor for such thing

Based on the verdict provided by Crunchbase’s chief Executive Jager McConnell, Users can find jobs ranging from tons of category in the new age world. As a user, you can find jobs based on your current industries and can save tremendous time.

By this, you can filter out the companies which are not worth your time and can invest your time for some better options.

All in all, if we talk about the world of Crunchbase Pro in the present day business scenario, then yes, it is worth every penny. With the detailing of the above enchanting mentioned features and Crunchbase pro providing benefits to millions of users all over the Globe Give it a try and enjoy the lure benefits of such boon in the modern day society.


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