Life in Technopolis


Time has become faster with the advancement and incorporation of technology into their lives. Days have got shorter, chores have got easier, and work has become more practical and efficient. Men began technology as the “cunning of hands,” the “cunning” ended up owning us. From the alarm clock to the calling-bell at the door, technology is everywhere. Pretty soon humans will bleed and feel, technologically. In the infinite ways technology has affected us, some are good, some are bad, and some are both.

Take A Bow

We owe the minds who decided to bend the course of technology in favour of the especially abled and the diseased individuals, a salute. Braille, auditory aids, wheelchairs, prosthetics, if in any way, technology has ‘truly’ improved the quality of human live, this is it. Technology has opened the doors that were closed by fate; it has turned every disability into ability only if it was appropriately used and whenever necessary.

It’s So Funny, How You Don’t Write Anymore

Technology has got may pigeons fired, who used to carry letters, written in ink but bleeding passion, from lovers to lovers. The concept of love-letters is obsolete now. The holiday greetings, birthday cards, Christmas cards are purely ornamental. The words were written, sometimes with bursting emotions, sometimes with calculated decency, those pregnant blanks bet People en lines, had a story of their own. Now mails are delivered by electronics, not a mailman.

No waiting for the homecoming of the beloved, no waiting for the messenger to arrive, it’s all just a click away now. Call up their buddy at Connecticut while sitting in Calicut, make a video call and see the Aurora lighting up the Arctic sky while taking a camel ride in Dubai. No need to sing the trees or the mountains and hope it echoes to their darling’s heart. Just send a WhatsApp audio, send selfies and get their besties’ anecdotes on their attire, anytime and anywhere you wish.

You Have Such A Beautiful Face(Book)

No more love at first sight, finding each other at a U2 concert, both ordering the same pie and sharing their hearts over it. Dating is very simple now. Social media and online dating sites make billions of people meet another billion every single day. It is like you are on display. Looks, hobbies, job, talents- these are other features which would attract potential mates with their respective features and give both of you space to tally whether you both are compatible or not. No risks, simple calculation. Even “Arranged Marriage,” a concept as backdated as telegrams, has gone online. Lots of couples end up in successful marriages having met online, lots of people make their best friends online, find their estranged friends online. Above all in this virtual mall of people, you find what you seek for, online.

Good Morning Miss Doraemon!

Technology has altered how People study. Just the correct keywords and you have got a ticket to Narnia. School indeed has come to the home. Books have entered their tabs and phones. Interactive learning with engaging videos and audios has replaced boring, old, gigantic books. It’s very likely that pretty soon, robots will replace human teachers. God knows how they will pick their favourite students and be partial to them in the class.

Not An Addict

People, literally carry their hearts in their hands every day, their smartphones. A moment without internet, a moment without the assurance of people waiting with their thumbs up on the other side can choke the life without us. People are nothing without their gadgets. Who are you, without your devices? Your friends, family, work, memories, your phone is a mobile-journal of your life. You might forget to wish your mother, but you most certainly will post a picture with her on your timeline, on her birthday. Social media has turned everyone into a junkie.

Let’s Go Shopping

Forget the only cardio that you ever loved the incessant gossip over a pair of shoes; it’s all on your computer now. Technology has affected not just our lives, but our lifestyle. We have our air, water, everything except our intentions, purified. Eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, utensils, warm food; water, hot or cold, you don’t have to do your dishes or wash your clothes. Just get the right machines to do them for you.

Don’t Wait For It

Remember the time when streets used to get deserted on Sunday morning because people had to catch the latest episode of Mahabharat? Gone are the days of “catching” your favourite show on TV, your favourite track on radio, they are coming to catch you now. No more rented videos, live game shows, watch them anytime, get the live streaming anywhere. All the movies, all the songs, everything that ever entertained you are surrounding you. Pick one, you want.

What Is 2+2?

When was the last time you had added 56 and 28 without a calculator at your hands or found the result of sin37? When was the last time you spent hours at a library surfing through books, searching the answers you seek? Everything is easy now; 16 easy steps to life, how to make your life easily at home in 5 minutes. Don’t think, don’t ponder, don’t savour, just do. Pretty soon humankind will forget to think critically, calculate, analyze. Human brains will need a separate gym to stay functional.

Produce, Produce And Produce!

Technology had begun with this sole purpose- to increase production with decreasing effort. Information technology, predictive analytics, techno-based Business models, marketing automation, robots, hybrid vehicles, cloud computing and storage, all of these work on the same motto; Bigger profits in lesser time and energy. Thousands of people lost their jobs as machines replaced them. But at the end of the day, we have only one purpose to live, “PRODUCE”!

A Bit Technology Per Day Keeps The Doctors Away

The role of technology in healthcare is a bit ironic. The overuse of technology affects health, and then technology is used to fix the health. With microscopic surgeries, laser, chemo, prosthetics, scanning, graphing, testing and inserting camera inside human bodies, human health is an open Petri dish for technology. New medicines, new surgeries, people are rushing to the answer to immortality and technology holds the key to it.

The idea of robot-apocalypse, machines taking over humans, may seem extraordinary and a nice plot for Sci-fi but look around isn’t it already true? Have not machines taken over your life from every side? Take a deep breath sometimes, loose Whatsapp and have a conversation with the person next to you, keep the car in the garage and walk a little. Plant a tree, make some friends. Technology is good, necessary, you need it and should use it, just don’t let the technology use you.


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