Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media On Society


In the past few years, the popularity of social media has grown tremendously. From the year 2006, the growth rate of social media has been growing very high. When it comes to facebook and twitter, they have grown much faster and managed to capture millions of users in just a few years in worldwide. The way the internet and other technologies are growing, it can be said that more and number of people are going to grasp the benefits of it. The internet and social media platforms have obviously bought a lot of advantages for the society. From the developed countries to developing countries and the underdeveloped countries, every country is implementing the power of social media to improve the way of life and betterment of the people.

Below, some of the advantages and disadvantages are explained in a brief of how the society is influenced by the social media and internet usages.

Advantages Of Social Media On Society

1. Connectivity: the foremost effects of social media is it connects everyone with everyone. People from any corner of the world can connect with anyone living in any part of the world without any problem. You connect with each other and share thoughts and learn different things together on social media.

2. Assistance: it helps you to share your issues with the community to get the needed assistance. No matter what type of help you require, it can always connect you with the people you want to satisfy your needs and get the type of help you want.

3. Education: when it comes to education, social media is a much better place than any other online platform for the students and teachers to learn new things. You can follow your favorite people or the favorite work or profession and learn about it in less time regardless of your location or your educational background.

4. Promotion: no matter whether you run an offline business or an online business, you can always update your business on the online social media platforms to reach out to the largest possible audience. You have the whole world waiting for you, all you need to do is promote yourself or the business you own and make people know about your business in detail without any problems.

5. Information and updates: one of the main advantages of social media in the society is that it keeps you updated on the latest happenings around you before the news channels or the daily newspapers update you. With the help of social media, you can always get connected with the people sharing the news to get the truest news.

Disadvantages Of Social Media On Society

1. Hacking: it is considered not safe to share all your private information online because the rate of the cyber threat is also increasing rapidly as that of the internet and social media. There are hackers everywhere around you, looking for you to share your private information online so that they can hack your id’s and get profits from you. Cases are getting reported now and then about the personal accounts getting hacked. It is one such disadvantage that people need to be aware of and stay online wisely.

2. Cyber bullying: The main targets of cyber buying are the children of the society. Anyone can easily create a fake account within seconds and without being traced can contact any random person he or she wants to bully or threat. It is important to be cautious and make friends online. It is advised not to share your personal information with any random person you have just started talking to as it might be harmful or maybe the cause of your death in future.

3. Addiction: people find social media more addictive than drugs or alcohol. A report says, the youth of today is more addicted and influenced by social media than any other means. People tend to involve themselves in this thing in such as way that they forget about all the other productive things and activities which is a real disadvantage of social media.

4. Thefts and scams: there are some examples available where people have scammed and commit fraud via social media. People try to con others through entering into their accounts and asking for bribes, etc.

5. Security issues: The security agencies have better access to the personal accounts of people which makes privacy almost compromised. You would never know when you are invited by an investigation officer regarding any issue that you have done, or you might have mistakenly done on the internet.

At the same time, social media and the excessive use of internet has also affected he society in a negative and destructive way as well. Just as the saying goes, an excess of anything is bad; social media has also given negative impact on the society along with the positive qualities. It depends on the users how they would like to use it. But, whether by your choice or not, it still has a negative impact on you in either way. It is best if you access social media in a limited manner so that you enjoy the services at the same time, you stay safe and protected from the disadvantages.


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