Review of DUBS Acoustic Filters

DUBS Acoustic Filters

DUBS Acoustic Filters Review

Who doesn’t like some great live music? But, we certainly don’t want to deal with the consistent ear ringing afterward. It is no fun to have to deal with the discomfort. The solution to that? Ear plugs? Nah, those are the past things now! Custom made headphones are more the craze now. And today, we are going to review a similar, but more advanced option in here. The DUBS Acoustic Filters.

DUBS Acoustic Filters

A Detailed Experience With The Dubs Acoustic Filters

The Dubs Acoustic Filters are one of the best and cheapest options. They are available online as well as in the retail markets. Pop in the DUBS acoustic filter and you will surely notice a significant reduction of the sound nearby. And not just that, the volume levels are also cut out to be precisely tolerable.

These acoustic filters are certainly better than the standard earplugs. With an amazing clarity of sound, they are the best choice to have for adults as well as teenagers. One of the best things about the DUBS Acoustic Filter is the rounded tip.

It is a great change when compared to its elongated competitors. You can wear these earplugs without any irritation for longer periods of time.

Don’t believe us? Well, we have some points that will help prove our point. After reading this, you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying a pair of these beauties.

Features That Make It The Best

The DUBS Acoustic Filters are the most advanced and beneficial pair of earplugs to have. You get good quality music, and the sound clarity is not affected as well. It provides crystal clear sound whether you are on the plane, at the concert or around the city traffic. For louder and fresher sound, go for the DUBS Acoustic Filters.

Safe Sound

In the present time, the noises affect us in more ways than we can imagine. Some people actually get used to it, while others don’t. The noises from construction sites, clubs, airplanes passing by, can affect the human ear. The Solution? DUBS Acoustic Filter, of course! It has a particular 12-decibel rating for noise reduction. This can be a great help in protecting the ears from the daily affecting noises.

Unique Design

Aren’t you just tired of those traditional earplugs? They drain all the sounds around you, even the ones you want to hear. Well, the DUBS Acoustic Filters claim to be a bit different. With the leading experts behind the designing, the DUBS Acoustic Filters are the next best option for you. The unique design helps you to listen to certain sounds. You know what that means, right? Only the ones that you want to listen to!

Advanced Filters

DUBS Acoustic Filters make use of a Dynamic Attenuation. It is a complicated mechanical procedure which is used to filter the sound. That means that you will have clear sound with the DUBS. It is certainly a better deal when compared to others that produced muffled and distorted sounds. With the help of DUBS, you can maintain the perfect balance in the sounds and achieve proper clarity as well.

Long Lasting Build

With premium and durable materials in constructions, the DUBS Acoustic Filters have a long lifespan. The materials include polymer foams, stainless steel, strong plastics, and certain silicon structures. The product is extremely durable and fit for long-term use.

Amazing Fit to The Ears

The best point of all, they are comfortable when you wear them. Aren’t you relieved to hear that? God knows how tired we get from the foam earplugs. This one is the best for wearing as it is comfortable and a perfect fit. Also, it is reusable as well. What works for it is the comfortable case that comes along with the product.

Impressive Curves

The sensitivity of the filters changes according to the sound requirements. This is one of the most remarkable qualities of the DUBS Acoustic Filters. They offer a great curve of response to match the changes.

What Works For The Dubs Acoustic Filters

  • The clarity in the sound provided by the earplugs is due to the amazing dynamic attenuation. It saves the fidelity of the sound, making it clearer and fresh
  • The NRR which has the measure of 12 decibels provides the much-needed protection to the ear from harmful noises. Also, they do not muffle the sound as well
  • It has a sweet and sleek design to go with the looks factor
  • Advanced and premium materials are used for the building purpose, giving it a durable finish
  • A perfect fit for kids as well as adults
  • Different colors available for your choice

Pros Of The DUBS Acoustic Filters

  • Lightweight And Easy To Carry

An absolutely light-weighted companion that is also very easy to carry. You don’t have to worry about packing huge speakers now as you have the DUBS Acoustic Filters

  • Easily Insertable

Fits like magic in your ear. The rounded tip of the filters makes sure that it is a perfect fit for everyone. This includes adults and children as well.

  • Comes With A Carrying Packet

Now you don’t have to get an extra case for your earplugs. DUBS Acoustic Filters have got the whole package. It comes with a separate case and is really great for traveling purposes.

  • Impressive Sound Quality

A striking example to all those worthless earplugs, to be honest. These acoustic filters have an impressive quality of sound due to the amazing features that come with the set.

  • Fair Priced

To be honest, you get a pretty good deal with this price range. The product delivers amazing results. It is certainly a great option as well as cost-effective.

Cons Of The DUBS Acoustic Filters

  • You Might Lose It

There are not many cons for the DUBS Acoustic Filters. But, the small size does create some problems. Due to the tiny size, it is possible that you might lose them. But there is a solution for that. It is known as the carrying case. Keep the filters there for safe use.


A solution to all the irritating sound that you listen to, DUBS Acoustic Filters are certainly a great product to have. It should be your priority to get one of these. With amazing sound protection and clarity option, it provides the best live music experience. With such features and pros, the DUBS Acoustic Filters is surely a must-have.


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