Review Of Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV

Review Of Dynex 32

Review Of Dynex 32: From the past few years, Television has evolved quite fast technologically. In the modern age world, buying a new HDTV is a lot more subjective experience. With the availability of much more exotic varieties of the TV all over, the customers are finding it really difficult to buy the perfect one which can fit in their budget quite nicely. Based on the user expectations and the increasing demands, the review for Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV is here. Every detailing of this TV will be covered so as to give you a clearer understanding of this device. So let’s get started.

A Detailed Overview on Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV

First of all, this HDTV is a lot more inexpensive from the rest. At a cost of mere $300 or less, you simply cannot bargain about its quality as well as durability. Well, it is quite hard to believe that you get an HDTV at such a low price but this is the whole new reality, my friend. The Dynex is the one you might call the barebones HDTV. Also, there are certain kinds of limitations in the availability of the ports you might have to work with.

What’s Inside The Box?

At first look, the packaging looked a lot more impressive with Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV being the main item in the box. Here is a complete list of the items inside the box.

  • Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV
  • Remote Control
  • Screws For wall mounting as well as stand
  • AV/ Cables
  • Batteries
  • Documentation

A Take On Remote

As far as the Remote Controller is considered, it is a very basic type which does all the essential functionality with ease. There are input buttons through which one can individually choose the inputs.

A Larger Stand Provided

Not all the TV manufactures provides a larger stand to uphold TV in the right position. But, in the case of Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV; they have provided a larger stand which requires screws to fit in perfectly.

Being said that, the process of attaching the stand to the TV is not an easy one and will do require a certain amount of skills for the same.

First Look At the Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV

At First Glance, the TV looks like a combination of a little premium and a little bit rigid. It has a glossy as well as a piano black finish which can surely keep anyone stunned by its beauty. The thick piano black color bezels color at the sides gives this HDTV a more premium Look.

Rear End

At the back, as a user, you will get to see mounting holes for a wall bracket and certain connection panel to attach some useful devices. Also, the essential power cord is provided with it which gives the light to drive this HDTV to an absolute level of perfection.

Also, you will find some more connections which are depicted as follows at the rear end:

  • Two HDMI Connections
  • USB Port for Service
  • One VGA Input
  • One Component Connection
  • A Coax Connection

SPIDF Connector

As you can see from the above scenario, there isn’t much in terms of connections and inputs are considered. Thus, if you are a user who believes in the expandability criteria, you will need to get in some kind of Switch or an expander box in order to get other things connected to this HDTV.

Side View

As a user, you can fully control your TV with a remote control but in case of remote control malfunction, still, there is a bunch of buttons provided at the side of this HDTV that can come handy. Here you can find buttons for Menu, Volume, Channel, Input, and Power. Also, if you see with a keen eye, you will get to see the serial number as well at the side end of the Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV.

What’s The Basic Usage Of Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV

To be honest, this TV is the best for kids who like to play their all-time favorite games. Be it the old PS2 or the all-new Xbox 360, insert your favorite disk and enjoy the lure benefits of gaming on this par excellence HDTV with great amusement and thrill.

Technical Specifications

  • Model No: DX- 32L152A11

31-1/2” is the screen measurement diagonally from corner to corner. At such diagonal, it is very much suitable for viewing in medium-sized rooms.

  • Contrast Ratio: 3000, Brightness: 300 cd/m2

At such high brightness, users can get an exotic and an arresting viewing experience all over.

  • Support of 720P Signals

For viewing HD quality content, a support of 720P is needed and that is what the Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV brings to you out of the box.

  • Two 6W Speakers

With an ability to simulate surround sound, this HDTV can make anyone get off their couches and dance on the beats of their favorite songs. Also, a sound leveler is provided for a lusher soundscape.

  • Inputs

Well, there are a number of Inputs provided with this HDTV and they are depicted as follows:

  • 1 Composite (rear)
  • 1 Component Video (rear)
  • 1 PC VGA (rear)
  • 2 HDMI (rear)
  • 1 PC Audio (rear)
  • 1 RF (rear)
  • 1 Headphone jack (back)
  • Output components
  • 1 coaxial digital (rear)
  • 2 HDMI Ports
  • PC Video Input

With the help of PC Video Input, you can get the benefit to use your HDTV as a form of PC monitor and can help you visualize high-quality images as well as videos all at the same time.

  • USB Service Port

‘In case of any firmware update by the company itself, this port can be a lot more helpful. A newer firmware update will bring in a new set of features which will increase the overall functionality of this HDTV.

Other Specifications

  • Availability of Speakers – 2
  • Aspect Ratio- 16:9
  • Vertical Resolution- 720p
  • Screen Refresh Rate- 60HZ
  • Maximum Resolution- 1366 x 768
  • RF Antenna Input- 1
  • Language Options provided- English, French, Spanish
  • V-Chip- Yes
  • Power Consumption in Watts- 117
  • Headphone Jack- Yes
  • Sleep Timer- Yes Present

Experiences On The Usage Of This HDTV

As I mentioned above, this TV is quite stupendous in playing games as well as watching your favorite shows but to an extent. I personally think that the picture quality on this Television is a bit underwhelming.

The only way I can describe the picture quality is it looks a little bit pixilated and also have a fuzzy appearance instead of a crystal clear one. This could be because of the refresh rate, which is just 60Hz. Here are some of the samples when I took some shots while playing games on my Wii.

Review Of Dynex 32Review Of Dynex 32

The next thing which I noticed way too early is the sound quality. No, it’s not that bad but it’s not that good either. It does have a stimulated sound system but it actually gets a decent job done. It does sound a little bit thin but doesn’t really offer a full sound experience.

Menu Option

In terms of the Menu option, they are a bit sparse but you can get all the basic stuff present at one place.

In case, you push the input button, basically a popping, a smaller menu is triggered in the bottom left corner and you can use the pad to select the desired input.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing

At such a low-cost price, you cannot expect any HDTV to provide wonders with all their looks and functionality. The Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV does a quite decent job in terms of functionality and also look a bit more premium than its predecessors which were surely not up to the mark.

  • Easy to Use Remote

A remote being said as the ruler of any TV offers the same kind of functionality in this case as well. It has all the basic functions which are needed to control this HDTV and all of them work pretty nicely.

  • Affordability is the key

At such a low-cost pricing, you cannot expect more than this. An HDTV with all the essential as well as some of the advanced functions power packed in one is the best choice for any consumer who has the desire to enjoy the lure benefits of an HDTV.

  • A range of Ports Provided

Based on its truly least pricing, this HDTV has a lot more ports which are depicted in the above section. Ranging from the all-new HDMI’s to the old VGA’s, the curbing of everything is done with quite perfection in this HDTV.


  • Stand is a lot more difficult to attach

Apart from a list of great features it offers, there is a great con associated with this HDTV. Yes, the Stand issue is a lot more severe as it forms the basis of any TV to make it stand on its firm location. For installing the stand at the correct location, some sort of skills is required for sure.

  • Thin Sounding Obtained

Despite the availability of the stimulated sound system, the sounding is a bit more on the thinner side. Overall, the experience is not too bad but it is also not up to the mark which we expect from an HDTV.

  • Picture Quality could be better

At a resolution of 720P and being an HDTV, the Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV has a poorer picture quality when compared to its competitors. Pictures do appear in pixel form and get a little blurry when viewed for a prolonged time.

  • Limited Viewing Angle Provided

A limited viewing angle is one of the biggest drawbacks you can get from an LCD display and the same as in the case of Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV. As a user, you will need to sit right in front of this HDTV so as to get a clearer picture and a better viewing experience.


The Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV is an excellent choice for all the budget lovers. At a cost price of $300 or less, you cannot get a better deal than this one. Also, this HDTV can work as a secondary TV in your bedroom if you are not too keen on getting the best picture viewing experience. Yes, the picture quality you get is not up to the mark but seeing the price badge will let you forget all of its flaws. Personally, I don’t think you can find a lower price of an HDTV of this size and that is where the Dynex 32″ Class 720p 60Hz LCD HDTV stands apart from the rest.

As I said in the beginning, choosing an HDTV is a lot more subjective experience. All depends on the eye of the beholder and if you are happy with this HDTV, nothing really else should matters to you!


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