Review Of Keysmart Extended Key Holder Organizer

Keysmart Extended Key Holder Organizer

KeySmart Extended Key Holder: There is surely something majestic about being a teacher. Carrying a whole bunch of keys with you is itself a sense of pride and joy from different classrooms to cabinets. Well, let’s now say that a teacher teaches chemistry and there are a number of cabinets which needs to be accessed on a daily scale. So, let’s take an example of 11 keys that is present with that teacher. Now, this can become hectic to organize them and they can be very heavy to carry inside the pocket.

So, the solution is right here in this review. Have e detailed look at it!

Keysmart Extended Key Holder Organizer

Keysmart Extended Key Holder Organizer- A Detailed Review

Well, from such hassle and problems, the solution is the all new KeySmart Extended Key Holder Organizer that will help you out from all your key tangling issues. This is surely one of those products which majority of the people, who have a whole load of keys with them cannot live without. Overall, it is a complete product, well built and is also easy to assemble, making it a complete package to use it.

First Glance- The Design

  • The first look of KeySmart Extended Key Holder reminds me of the modern age fidget spinner. With all the round edges and a body of aircraft aluminum, this little beast looks quite stunning from almost every perspective.
  • Visualizing on the top will let you see the KeySmart logo, which is also written in a well-finished Adding into the design features is a loop for attaching a key ring with a car key fob or other keys.
  • At the bottom, still, the KeySmart Extended Keyholder has a lot more to offer. The bottom is a lot simpler and has two large screws that can be later used for the assembly fixing process.

What’s Inside The Kit?

The KeySmart Extended Key Holder Organizer has not got a bunch of things as it is a much smaller unit and has only a single functional use i.e. to hold different keys altogether.

  • KeySmart Extended Key Holder
  • A business card type document which has all the links associated with it for assembly purpose
  • A Small Bag which contains the expansion kit and it includes larger screws and additional spacers in the range of eight


In terms of holding different keys altogether, the KeySmart Extended Key Holder can be the best ever things you can get for your usage. There are a number of different keyholes which can fit in keys of almost every size. Whether you are finding it difficult to manage just a single key or a whole lot of keys, KeySmart Extended Key Holder can cater the needs of almost every key to an absolute level of perfection.

Color Availability

As far as the KeySmart Extended Key Holder is considered, it is available in an exotic category of seven different colors.

In terms of a premium edition, a Titanium edition is available at $59 whereas the regular KeySmart is available at just $23 and extended one available at $25.

On a clearer basis, the price of each can vary based on the current market conditions and statistics.

Additionally Extended Rod

In terms of the availability of an additionally extended rod, it costs $2 per pair with an inclusion of additional spacers. Other accessories include a USB memory that can be installed at an instant rate in KeySmart.

How To Assemble The Keysmart Extended Key Holder?

For assembly purpose, KeySmart has given a short guide video, which will guide you to assemble this unit to a level of excellence and perfection. For instance, here are some of the steps which will surely make your work a lot easier in assembling this mighty beast and using it to hold your keys all in the same place.

  • At first, I want to let you know that the ring does not act as washers. Instead, it acts as a spacer, which helps in keeping the things level from side to side as and when you build your respective stack of keys
  • Now, as far as you have made your mind to assemble your KeySmart Extended Key Holder, unscrew the two screws which are keeping and holding the two sides together. Set each one of them aside and move towards the next step
  • In another case, you can also use extenders if you are looking to build a thicker stack of keys. As a result, you will be able to fit-in maximum keys all in the same place
  • Here, I am starting with the shorter unit and I personally use it to store my three room keys.
  • For spacers, I used them to keep an equal amount of distance on either of the KeySmart. As far as the smaller unit is considered, I alternated the keys right, left and then put in spacers on the opposite side.
  • Now, the assembly screw has a lot more importance in the whole assembly process. This assembly screw binds the whole thing together securely and helps in the prevention of screws coming outside.

Hence, after considering the above scenario, the assembly process is complete and you are all set to fit in your essential keys altogether.

Key Note

For convenience, you can fit-in the shorter keys on the KeySmart so that they can fit in perfectly well inside the unit. However, in my case, there was not a need to use more than one spacer in the whole assembly process and everything went pretty smooth.

Pros of KeySmart Extended Key Holder

  • Made in the USA

The USA is always known for their top class quality around every product and accessories they make. As a result, KeySmart Extended Key Holder is also a product of USA and with this; a sheer quality is guaranteed in any case.

  • Design of Aluminum Alloy

With the design of aluminum alloy all over, a whole premium finish is depicted from the Keysmart gadget. Also, with the aluminum alloy built, durability factor is also increased to a great extent and can withstand almost any weather condition with absolute ease and comfort.

  • Assembly Videos on GetKeySmart Website

There are a number of key companies which do make some brilliant and fantastic quality products. But, not all of them provide a great video tutorial for the assembly of the respective key holder. In terms of KeySmart, they have done brilliant work in providing a video tutorial, which depicts every single stage of constructing the KeySmart Extended Key holder for holding up the keys.

  • No pocket budge or thigh pokes

Much of the users all over the world face the issue of pocket budge as well as thigh poke. These things can be detrimental and can harm the customers in unexpected ways. With the introductiont of KeySmart, you can get rid of those budges as well as thigh pokes and can relax yourselves in moving anywhere with ease.

  • Loop Ring Included

In terms of the added functionality, KeySmart has got the all-new Loop Ring to boost the usability criteria. With the help of Loop Ring, you can attach your car fob and other essential accessories all in one place.

  • Compact and Lightweight

One of the biggest USP’s of KeySmart is its lightweight nature and compactness. This key holder can easily fit in your pockets and will surely not induce an extra weight on your pockets in any case.

  • Simple to Assemble

You must have seen a lot more key holders which are quite difficult to assemble. But with the KeySmart, there is no need to spend hours in the assembly process. This key holder is far easy to assemble and can deliver excellent results within a short span of time.

  • Expandable

Using just a simple extender can expand the functionality of the KeySmart Extended Key Holder. With the expandable functionality, you will be able to hold much more keys and still they will be as light as a feather in your respective pockets.


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Final Takeaway From Keysmart Extended Key Holder Review

If you have been struggling from tangling as well as from misplacing keys issue, the KeySmart Extended Key Holder will be the best ever choice for you. To be honest, it is one of the most amazing products till date. I have also tried some of the cheaper variants but nothing felt as premium and productive as the KeySmart Extended Key Holder.

Even for your everyday key usage, this little product is worth using and will make your everyday key hassle a smooth process to a considerable extent.

The usability of the KeySmart is also quite simple as you only need to flip out the key you need and then revert it back when you finish the process.

At last, the KeySmart Extended Key Holder can reduce the burden of your tangling keys and can make your life a lot easier and worth living.


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