Review of Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 (55 inch): Price in India


Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 Price in India

Xiaomi is a brand that has been in the Indian Market for the last couple of years and over the years they have launched extremely affordable smartphones and smart devices. Hence as a result right now the company is the Bestselling smartphone brand in India. The Chinese giant did not just become the Bestselling smartphone brand but the company also have dethroned the Korean electronics maker Samsung from the first place. But till now the competition between Xiaomi and Samsung was for the smartphone market only. However now the things are going to change, Xiaomi is the new player in the Indian Television market by officially launching the MI TV 4 in India. You can say that Xiaomi is the new Jio. Jio dominated the Indian telecom market, and Xiaomi is going to dominate the electronics market.

Last week on 14th February the Chinese manufacturing company Xiaomi along with Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Plus smartphones launched the Mi TV 4 in India. The launch of the Xiaomi’s smart TV was completely unexpected. However, Xiaomi has already launched the Mi TV 4 in other markets including China and India is quite late to receive it. But the end of the story is that by launching the Mi TV in India, the company made sure that they are not only going to dominate the smartphone market. But they will also launch products apart from the smartphone.

Of course, back in 2017, we have seen Mi Router from the company and it was one of the top selling product that Xiaomi has launched in India. However, Mi Routed that time did not give much competition to its competitors. But the Mi TV is a big thing, it is already turned into a tough competitor to most of the television manufacturers out there.

Xiaomi MI TV holds a price tag of Rs39,999 bucks and it comes with a 55-inch LED display. Where most of the other brands are offering the same display sized TV for more than 50K bucks. This definitely makes Xiaomi a price beater. Also by keeping the price as low as possible Xiaomi also somehow turned out to be the first choice for many customers who are looking for a premium TV at an affordable price. But still, the question is how good the Mi TV 4 is?. Well just to answer this question, we have to decided to write a Mi TV review and answer some of your questions. So here we go:

Mi TV 4 Review – Is this the best Premium Budget TV of 2018?

Mi TV 4 Specifications:

Mi TV 4 Specifications
Mi TV 4 Specifications

Starting with the specifications at first, The Mi TV 4 comes with 8GB of storage, which comes along with 2GB of RAM. However, the support of 2GB RAM may seem quite a less for a Smart TV. But believe us it is not, instead the TV works really smoothly. Also, the Mi TV 4 comes with PatchWall UI which is quite amazing and smooth. However, we will tell you about the PatchWall UI later in our Mi TV 4 Review.

PatchWall UI later in our Mi TV 4 Review
PatchWall UI later in our Mi TV 4 Review

Talking about the specifications of the television, The MI TV sports an Amlogic 64-bit Quad Core processor under its hood. Which comes along with a Mali T830 Graphics processor. Furthermore, mi TV has 3 HDMI ports, and one of the ports supports HDMI ARC. Now the question is what is HDMI ARC? Well HDMI ARC is an audio return channel which helps you to connect any external audio devices. For example, using the port, you will be able to connect a soundbar or a digital sound system with the TP. Rest of the HDMI ports can be used to connect devices like Playstation or Blue Ray Player or HD Player like devices.

Mi TV 4 Design:

If we talk about the design of the Mi TV 4, well then we definitely have to say that the TV has a premium look. It has a frameless display on the front. However, there is a very thin frame around the display. Also, there are hardly any popular TV brands which are offering a frameless display design at this brand. So overall this is a good thing.

Mi TV 4 Design
Mi TV 4 Design

Talking about one of the highlights of the display is that it is quite thin. Even the Mi Tv 4 is thinner than the Apple iPhone X. It only measures, 4.9mm which is quite interesting about the TV. However, the whole TV frame is not 4.9mm. The bottom section is quite thick and it needs to be thick. As the bottom section has all the ports and speakers. However, if you look at the TV from the front side, then you will hardly notice anything.  Also, the other good thing about the Mi TV 4 is that the finish on the Mi TV 4 does not even catch dust or fingerprints. So it would be quite easy for your to clean the TV.

Mi TV 4 4.9 MM
Mi TV 4 4.9 MM

However, there is one con about the design of the TV is that it does not have a single stand. The stands are placed at the bottom edge of the TV. So if you have a small table or something to place your TV, then you need to replace that. Where there are quite a lot of TV that comes with a single stand. However, if you are planning to mount the TV on a wall, then you do not have to care about the stand at all.

PatchWall – The User Interface:

PatchWall – The User Interface
PatchWall – The User Interface

The second good thing about the Xiaomi TV is that, its UI or user interface. Right now if your purchase a TV from any of the top brands, you will get Android TV, webOS, and Tizen operating system along with the Smart TV. But the MI TV 4 comes with a new user interface called PatchWall. Now the question is, what actually PatchWall is? Well, PatchWall is the UI of the Mi TV 4 it is quite similar to the Smartphone’s UI. Hence, as a result, it is quite easy to operate, like if you know how to use a smartphone then you will easily get used to the UI at no time. According to the company, the PatchWall UI is built on Android and it is the best operating system that a Smart TV can run on.

The difference between PatchWall and other UI’s is that PatchWall puts content at first instead of Apps. This means whenever you will turn on your TV you will get to see a row of the popular Shows from, Hungama, Voot, Hotstar, Sony live and so on.

However, you will not find any contents from the popular streaming websites like Amazon Prime or Netflix yet. But according to the company, the integration of Netflix and Amazon prime will along with a few other apps will happen soon in the next few updates. The PatchWall UI is also capable of fetching details from the DTH service and Set top box and lists your favourite TV channel and shows and on the dashboard. This helps you to access your favourite contents easily. Also, you will not run out of contents as the Mi Tv 4 comes with 500,000 hours of contents, so to finish all of them you will need quite a lot of time. The other good thing about the contents is that as of now, 80 percent of the contents are freely available. Also on the dashboard, you will get all the popular Web Series, and your personalized recommendations.

According to the company, “Xiaomi has focused on localizing the interface, with support for 15 Indic languages. In addition to that, there are over 500,000 hours of content available on the Mi TV 4. Among the most user-friendly features in the television is the ability to find your favourite program using a Universal Search feature that searches across online programs and your set top box via the electronic program guide”.

However, there is a con that the Mi TV 4 does not come with preloaded internet browser or Google Play store. So if you are planning to install Netflix or Amazon Prime or any other media streaming app right away using the Google Play store. Then you will not be able to, however, it is said that the company will push the updates as soon as possible.

But as of now, if you want to install such apps, then all you need to do is download your favourite apps from the third party websites and install them on the Mi TV 4 and this is where the 8GB inbuilt storage will come under the light. However installing the apps on the TV can be a struggle for you, as the answer is not straightforward. All you have to do is at first download your favourite apps apk file on your smartphone or laptop. After that, you have to transfer the files via a USB drive to the TV and in the end, install the apk file on your Mi TV 4.

Mi TV 4 Performance:

If we talk about the viewing experience of the Mi TV 4, well then you are definitely going to get a theatre like an experience. As it has a 55-inch wide display which is capable of offering 4K HDR cinematic experience. Also if we talk about the display, well it has a 3840 x 2160 resolution. It offers really great brightness level and the colours are pretty good. In simple words, you can say that the Mi Tv 4 gives life to the image. However the backlit of the display is quite high and hence you may have to struggle to get the best colours. But if you reduce the backlit by 3 to 4 percent, then you will get an amazing result. The maximum backlit level is 100, so you can keep it around 96 to 97 percent to get the best viewing experience.

Also, the viewing angles of the Mi TV 4 is really great, you will hardly notice any refection on the TV. In addition to that, if you look at the TV from the corner then you will notice that the picture quality is not fading. This simply means that no matter from which angle you are looking at the TV you will always get to experience the same viewing experience. Also, there is no blurry image while streaming a 4K content on the TV.

Mi Remote:

Mi Remote
Mi Remote

If we talk about the remote of the Mi TV, well it looks quite as same as the Amazon Firestick’s remote. The remote is connected to the Mi Tv via a Bluetooth connectivity instead of infrared. Hence in order to use the TV, you do not need to point the remote at the TV, which is one of the good things about the TV. Also, it is easy to use the remote, even it will be the first easy to use smart TV remote that you will use. The idea behind the TV remote has come from the Apple’s TV remote. Talking about the built quality, the remote is made of plastic. However, it does the job in a pretty good way. The buttons on the remote are easy to access and soft enough to give you a premium feel. Also in terms of use, the MI TV remote is quite better when compared to LG, or SAMSUNG’s remote.

One Remote One Interface
One Remote One Interface

However here is another con about the Mi TV, the remote of the Mi TV 4 does not support voice search and this can be a bummer for some customers. As Xiaomi has put quite a lot of efforts in the UI and features so the voice search enabled remote was pretty much expected. But if you are going to get a smart TV for the first time and you do not feel a need of voice search. Then the con would not disappoint you.

Mi TV 4 Audio Output:

Coming to the audio output well the Xiaomi Smart TV features two 8W speakers for DOLBY AUDIO DT which is placed at the bottom section of the TV. But the Audio output does not fall under the pros of the Mi TV 4, of course, it offers a decent audio output. But does it offers the best in the business sound quality? Well not really. While reviewing the Mi TV 4, we have found that it offers a decent sound. The sound is average, and it will be okay for you if you are not staying in a noisy place.

However, if you want to experience a rich sound quality, or feel a need of increasing the sound a little bit. Then you have to purchase additional speakers or you can connect the Mi TV 4 with your home theatre set. So overall the sound quality is not as good as it meant to be but still does the job. Although most of the Smart TV owners eventually connect their TV with their sound system so it would not be an issue. But if this is the first time you are going to get a Smart TV then consider purchasing some additional speakers.

Mi TV 4 Connectivity Options:

Mi TV 4 Connectivity Options
Mi TV 4 Connectivity Options

If we talk about the connectivity options of the TV, then we have to mention that Xiaomi has taken care of all of your needs. The TV also offering two USB ports which are placed on the rear panel of the TV. One of the USB port is supporting USB 3.0 and the other one is supporting USB 2.0. However, it would have been great if both of the USB Ports were USB 3.0 as most of the flash drives are coming with USB 3.0 ports. Furthermore, the TV is also offering a standard A/V input port for analog video systems. Using this port you will be able to connect your set top box or cable of your local TV channel brand.

In addition to that, it has a dedicated on board antenna port. So if you feel a need of attaching antenna then you will be able to do so.The TV also has 3 HDMI ports which you can use to connect your DTH, PlayStation or Laptop. However, you will not get any VGA port along with the TV.

Furthermore, it has WiFi support (2.4GHz and 5GHz band)  which is one of the best features that we have seen in this budget premium TV. With the help of the WiFi, you will be able to connect your TV to your Home Router and browse videos from the internet. Or if you do not wish to connect your TV to the internet using the WiFi then there is an Ethernet port exists as well. Also, it has a Bluetooth 4.0 support which helps you to connect your Mi TV remote to the Mi TV.

So that was all for the Mi TV 4 Review. However here is a quick frequently asked questions and answers section. So you can understand better about the application.

Mi Tv 4 Frequently asked questions and answers:

Does the Mi TV 4 runs on the Android Platform?

Of course, it runs on the Android Platform. As mentioned above, the PatchWall UI is based on Android TV. Also, it has different user interface compared to the other Android TV UI’s. it has features like endless scroll and single page content display. Also, the UI is pretty much like a Smartphone’s UI.

What is the Refresh Rate of the Mi TV 4?

The refresh rate of the Mi LED Smart TV 4 is 60Hz. This makes the Mi Tv 4 a good gaming monitor. However, the gaming enthusiast would not like it. Overall the monitor is good for gaming.

Can I Install Downloaded Apps on Mi Tv 4:

Of course, you can and you have to if you are planning to purchase the TV right away. But if you are planning to wait for a couple of months more then you will not need to download apps additionally. As Xiaomi is going to push the updates constantly, also the updates will get automatically installed to your computer if you keep the TV connected to an Ethernet connection.

Does the Mi TV 4 Can Be Paired With Bluetooth devices?

Yes, you can connect the Mi Tv 4 with Bluetooth devices. However, if you are planning to attach any wired device, for example, a wired headphone. Then you will not be able to.

Does the Mi TV 4 come with a Soundbar?

No there is no soundbar included with the Mi Tv 4. However, Xiaomi India is planning to launch the Soundbar soon in India.

So that was some of the most commonly asked questions and answers for the Mi TV 4. Now just in case if you are wondering what are the pros and cons of the Mi Television. Then here is the answer:

Mi TV 4 Pros:

  • Amazing design at an affordable pricing.

  • It comes with an easy to use remote.

  • You can install downloaded apps on the Mi TV.

Mi TV 4 Cons:

  • The Mi Remote does not support voice search.

  • There are no dedicated streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. However, you can access these sites using a browser.

  • No soundbar included with the TV.

So that was the final MI TV 4 Review. The television definitely a budget killer and has some of the decent features. Even the TV is offering features that we have never seen before. Also, it has a few cons which cannot be ignored. But the cons are not minor, a few of them can be fixed via an Update. Also, Xiaomi is planning to push the update real soon.

Also purchasing the Mi TV 4 can be a struggle. As Xiaomi always runs out of stocks and the only way to buy the TV is to take part in a flash sale. Or you can visit an offline Mi Home or Xiaomi Store. Talking about the fast sale, well the first fast sale is scheduled for 22nd February and it will be available exclusively via Indian e-commerce website


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