Some Free Alternatives To WinZip

Some Free Alternatives To WinZip

Sometimes you receive emails that have Zip files attached to it. Or you may just download a Zip file. Are you clueless about what to do with the Zip file? This article will give you a basic idea about Zip files and guidelines on how they should be used.

Why Are Zip Files Used?

Zip files are used because they can compress data. This helps to save time and space and makes it easy to download the software and transfer email attachments faster. Zip files help to distribute files on the internet so that all the related files can be obtained by one download. Transferring files becomes easier and also it helps in saving disk space. There may be important files that are large but seldom used. These files can be compressed into a Zip file and extracted when needed. The zip file can save your computer space but compress the data, and when the data is extracted, it gets back to its original size.

What Is WinZip?

WinZip is software which creates and opens compressed file archives. Windows users can easily work with archives with the help of WinZip. It has a standard Windows point-and-click drag-and-drop interface which is used to view, run, extract, add, delete and test files that are present in Zip files.

But WinZip is expensive. This article will apprise you about some free software that can be used in place of WinZip.

Some Alternatives To WinZip

In Windows (from XP onwards), you will find a built-in compression tool. For accessing it, you have to right-click on the folders/files. Then you have to select ‘Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. However, its use is limited. You can use it only if you want to read and create zip files. When you compress an encrypted file with the help of it, it will be decrypted when you extract it. It also cannot repair archives that are damaged.

Are you looking for some free software which will help you with your Zip files? Given below is the list of a few such softwares.

7-Zip: It is an open source. It does not require any money to download 7-Zip. Although it may not be the best alternative for WinZip, it can serve all the purposes of any of it’s paid equivalents. It is also very small in size. It can take care of any compressed file archive which you drop there. If you want to locate the files to be archived, you can use a simple Windows Explorer-style free tree. You can also drag them and drop them straight into the main window. It also allows the facility to protect the packaged archives using passwords. You can also divide them into volumes. By splitting into volumes, sharing larger archives becomes easier. Apart from the fact that 7-Zip cannot repair damaged archives, it is worth a try.

PeaZip: It is another open source alternative of WinZip. It has more features and a larger package of around 10MB as compared to 7-Zip which is around 1 MB. If you want to choose accordingly, you have to select “Custom” otherwise it’s standard installation is designed to automatically make the file associations and add the context menu options. It has a format called PEA which focuses on security. It can also repair damaged archives. It can convert archive formats and test the archives if there are any errors. It can rotate or crop pictures. The developers constantly provide updates to keep this software compatible with the current version of windows.

Zipware: It is file compression software which is very easy to use. It’s exceptional feature is that it can scan for virus threats if your archive is less than 32GB. Although it is free to use, if you are using it for a longer duration of time, the website may request you to donate some amount for its welfare, but only if you can afford to.

Hamster Zip Archiver: It is another open source alternative to WinZip. It has facilities like a slider which can adjust the level of compression. It is also able to upload archives to the cloud services. However, it has fewer options while creating archives. Despite being able to open different formats of compressed files, it can create only 7z and ZIP files. It has some loopholes when it comes to language.

Ashampoo Zip Free: It is has a clear interface and a touch mode which is optional. This touch mode has larger icons that are tap-friendly. Just like any other free file compression software, it has all the features like creation of the archive, extraction of it and repair of any damaged archive. It also allows to automatically give a preview of the files before extracting an archive. This is an excellent choice for average users.

Consumers and people in business all over the globe use this file compression software to boost productivity, make the process of file sharing simple and keep the information private. These file compression and archive encryption softwares give the users a better way to exchange their files in the email, social media and cloud.


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