Best 10 Similar Sites like Couch Tuner: CouchTuner Alternatives 2018


Top Alternative Sites Like Couchtuner

Movies and TV shows are one of the best sources of entertainment. There are various websites available on the internet. These websites provide you features like downloading movies, Tv shows, music etc.

No doubt that Couchtuner is one of the best websites to download and watch movies online but there are some limitations in that too.

Today, we will be taking a look at the Top 10 sites like Couchtuner for an amazing movie experience.

Let’s get started with the first website on our list.

  • The Dare TV

“The Dare TV” is an amazing platform to watch movies and TV Shows. It has a huge range of movies and TV shows. Although “The Dare TV” mainly focuses on TV Shows but you will be able to find almost all the movies on it.

The Dare TV

We have found the User interface to be really easy and interesting. You can surf the categories and enjoy the content. There is also a search option where you can find your favorable content.

If you want to explore the content deeply, then you can register to this site. Also, The Dare TV Guarantees endless content for absolutely no cost.

Overall, The Dare TV is absolutely the Best alternative to CouchTuner.

  • The Series Online

The Series Online is the most popular site after CouchTuner. The website is divided into different categories. You can even add your favourite movies and Tv shows in favourites.

The Series Online

“The Series Online” is an organised and maintained website. The user interface is very attractive and interactive.

The Best thing which we liked about the website is that It shows the poster of the Movies/Tv shows along with the name.

So, you will be able to find content which is suitable for you.

You don’t need to register yourself on the site to access the content but if you want to save your history and add favourites then you need to register to the site.

  • Select TV

Select TV is another website on our list of “Top 10 sites like Couchtuner for an amazing movie experience”.

Select TV is not a free website. You need to pay $2 per month to activate the services. It is a full package of entertainment that you can get at just $2 per month.

Select TV

Select TV has an endless amount of movies, Tv shows, games, radio channels etc. You can’t access the content without signing up on the website.

It has an enormous number of Tv Channels too. Select TV is exactly same as your own TV, but Select TV gives you some great additional features too.

You can even use it as your primary Tv. As it has almost all the Tv channels. It is like a low-cost DTH plan with some extraordinary features. It definitely competes with CouchTuner.

  • Cafe Movie

We have found the best user interface on this website. Everything is sorted and maintained. Such a managed site increases the user experience.

Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie is absolutely free to access the website. You don’t even need to register yourself to access it, but for a better user performance, we will recommend you to register yourself on this website.

It has an endless number of Movies and TV shows. This number keeps on updating every day.

Cafe Movie is a great alternative to Couchtuner. You can check out the website to learn more about it.

  • TubiTV

It is another cool alternative of Couchtuner. It is the most underrated website on our list. It has a wide variety of movies from all over the world. You can watch classic movies to action movies with TubiTV.


TubiTV offers absolutely free access. You can content here just by registering yourself. The registration process is simple and free.

TubiTV also does have its own application which is an amazing thing. The application is also free and it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can even stream your favourite content on TubiTv like Couch tuner. It is no doubts the “Best site like Couchtuner for an amazing movie experience”.

  • CMoviesHD

CmoviesHD is another great application on our “Top 10 sites like Couchtuner for an amazing movie experience” list.


CmoviesHD offers a black User interface which looks minimalistic. We have noticed while reviewing the application that the User interface is very smooth.

The owners of this website are very punctual. You will latest to latest movies uploaded on this site. It also offers a wide variety of TV Shows.

As there are a lot of categories, You can choose between genres like action, comedy, family, crime etc.

It is definitely a good choice if you are looking for a website which offers the latest content.

  • Cucirca

This website offers only Tv shows. It has a wide variety of Tv shows and if you are a lover of Tv shows then nothing can beat Cucirca.

You can watch drama, comedy, action, crime etc on Cucirca. You can access all the Tv shows at absolutely no cost.

You don’t even need to register yourself on the website, but we will recommend you to register yourself as this side sends notification updates of different Tv shows. By the help of this feature, You won’t miss any Tv show.

This website is very addictive. It is the Best alternative to Couchtuner in terms of Tv shows.

  • Series Carving

This website is also truly dedicated to Tv shows as the previous website. Series carving in a free website where you can enjoy Tv shows with your family.

There are many categories. You can surf the categories and find the best content for you. There is also a search bar at the top.

Series Carving

While reviewing this website, we have found that the User interface of this website is very attractive.

You need to register on this site to enjoy the content.

  • ProjectFreeTV

This site is truly amazing for Tv shows lovers. There is a huge of amount of Tv shows that you can enjoy through this website.


You can also stream your favourite Tv shows. You won’t be able to stream movies as it is limited to Tv shows streaming.

This site is a streaming platform so there are live streams to watch. The owner of the site does not upload content. The content is streamed live by people.

So, we won’t be able to guarantee the best print, but you can have a look at it by your own.

  • Watch Episode

As its name suggests, It is also dedicated to Tv shows and episodes. The Best thing about Watch Episode is that there is no registration required to access it.

You can even stream Tv shows without signing up on the website. This feature makes the website very unique.

The worst thing about this website is the User interface. In the usage, we have noticed that the user interface is really bad.

There are no images or posters attached to preview. The only thing you get is the name of every Tv show.

It is not the best website as a viewer, but If you want to stream Tv shows without registration then it makes sense.


You can choose any these websites for enjoying the content as per your priority.

If your priority is user interface then you should go for Cafe Movie or if your choice is streaming then you should go for

Project free TV or Watch Episode.

These were the “Top 10 sites like Couchtuner for an amazing movie experience”. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.


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