Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites for Schools & Colleges, 2017


Music is the essence of life. Without music, this world would be dull place to live in. Everyone has a favorite playlist, which they love to lose themselves into, or the tune to which their steps move. Whether it’s online or offline, music is everywhere, as an escape into another much wonderful world than where one is present.

This craze and passion for music is most commonly seen among students from schools and colleges. Especially with the growth of the internet and availability of free online music apps, the trend catching up like wildfire everywhere around the globe. Students, being dependant on their parents for money are always in the search for music apps for which they would not have to spend a dime yet still enjoy the latest tracks.

App developers everywhere are understanding this demand which is why there is an availability of unblocked music sites that allows users to access to unlimited music of any genre that they prefer. Whatever may be the type of music that you are looking for, be it Pop, Rock, Indie, or traditional, it’s all there for you to download, listen, and do more.

However, some of these websites are not legit and fall under the radar of being shut down. Hence, to help you pick the right kind of music site that can satiate your love for music and be your constant companion through school and college, below is a list of websites  for you to try. Each of these music websites are unique in their own way, with their own functionalities to fulfill your needs. Let us move ahead and learn more about these websites so that you can find one that works for you.

  • Bluebeat

If you are looking for music site that provides uncut music and high-sound quality, Bluebeat is your go to. If this website has not been added to your list of unblocked music sites, then you can be sure that your list is incomplete. The uniqueness of this website is that it constitutes of three-dimensional audio-tracks, which are otherwise not easily available on other sites. The three dimensional audio tracks can, in actual make you feel as though you were present in the time and space where the music’s playing. Your account on Bluebeat is free of cost and you can easily manage and organize your music preferences and playlists easily.


  1. ClearlyDrunk

This  is another music website that makes it to the list of Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites For School and College students. This website is unique because of its ease of use and searching for your favorite music by looking up for artists, albums, or names of music genres. Furthermore, the website is a proxy, which enables it to bypass any firewall setup by your school or college, thus giving you unlimited access free music anywhere you go. Another feature to die for is the website’s speed in streaming music.  It can be clearly said that ClearlyDrunk is a wholesome package for music lovers.

  • FreePlay Music

This unblocked website has a collection of over 15000 songs, hence allowing you the power to browse through its catalog of songs by looking up for artist names, Publisher, Mood,or style of music. Another wonderful feature of this website is that you can sort through the available music albums by Release Date and Volume Name. The website is the place to be for aspiring composers who are looking forward to share their music on a global scale. Aspiring musicians can submit their tracks here on the “Music Submission” section and just wait to be found by someone who appreciates their form. It’s also a good platform to receive feedback from other like minded individuals, who can suggest on changes that you could make to make your music work. Now, isn’t that inspiring?

  1. GrooveShark

Grooveshark too is another unblocked music site that allows you to listen to music uninterrupted even when at school or college. GrooveShark offers users with the latest and trending music tracks, which can be found inside their “Popular” section.  Since this too is a proxy site, you will not receive any warning messages even when you are at the school or college premise. Hence, you can also create playlist on your school and college computer and later listen to it during your free time. The GrooveShark homepage welcomes users with a big search option, via which  they can search for the songs they’d like to listen to. GrooveShark is also available as an app for Android phones, with free streaming, thus making it an easy task to carry your music around with you.

  • HulkShare

Hulkshare can be referred to as a music social network, wherein users can find an array of music genres that cater to your mood and taste in the present moment.  As a music social networking site it helps you to get connected with other like-minded users or aspiring artists, who have similar music preferences.  HulkShare allows users to search for music  tracks, listen to them online, and even download them as MP3. You can easily find the hottest selling albums from the last 30 days from the homepage’s, “Hot Search from Last Week” section. This unblocked music site does not require you to register or create an account. Users can start listening to popular tracks straightaway by going to the website.

  • Jamendo

This website is considered to be the “Daddy” of all unblocked music website as it holds the largest database for online music streaming that is to be found on the internet. All unblocked music on Jamendo are in high audio quality, all at no cost.  Jamendo is also one of the unblocked music sites that allows users to download music without having to pay a dime. Unlike other music sites, Jamendo also holds a collection of old songs with the new ones. This website too is a career platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talent with other Jamendo users.


This unblocked music website was launched in 2003 and has since made it possible for users to view the total number of songs that people have been listening to since then till the present time. This trend has encouraged users to understand music trends around while also helping them track and visualize other people’s music listening habits.

  • Pandora

Another website that deserves a shout-out in this compilation of the Top 10 Unblocked music websites For Schools and Colleges is the Pandora website. Pandora can be accessed on either your PC or smartphone. Again this unblocked website is accessible in school and college campuses, which makes it easy for you to listen to music on the go. The website’s search option allows users to search for music by browsing Artists, Albums, and Song Title. Pandora also has a music recommendation feature, which helps you find music based on your preferences and interest.

  • Pure Volume

This is the music hub you have been dreaming of. One among the best music sites on the internet, Pure Volume offers a variety of music genres to its users completely free of cost. Furthermore, this is another platform where people looking for a career in music, can upload their own created tracks for masses to listen to and give their opinion on.  It can be truly said without any doubt that you will find the greatest music collections here, whichever genre it might be. You are also allowed to download tracks from here for offline hearing purposes. The website allows users to listen to music without having to sign in. However, if you are looking forward for additional features within the website and also have your music preferences organized in the right way, then you should register and create an account.

  • Spotify

Last but not the least, Spotify fills in one of our spots for unblocked websites for students this 2017. Spotify is a free music site that allows access to  unlimited free music online. If you are looking for a great collection of music from like forever, here is where you will find it. The website is accessible on your PC or Mobiles, which gives you the option to look for your favorite music anywhere you are.  Spotify is completely ad-free which makes it a complete no nonsense app; you can listen to music uninterrupted without any ads popping out and bothering you. Hence, the music listening experience is one in a million.  You can also download favorite tracks to use offline.


To  conclude with, this is the list of the top 10 unblocked music sites for schools and colleges that is trending and must be on every music lover’s list. Not every website might suit your music preference or be accessible at your school or college campus. So, it’s important to try them out one by one until you find one that truly suits your requirements. Are you a budding artist or just love to listen to good songs? Are you a fan of the oldies or a chaser of trending music charts? Whatever you want is all here. So take your pick, put your headphones on, and get into the groove.


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