Top 15 Best And Most Useful Paid Android Apps

Best And Most Useful Paid Android Apps

Most Useful Paid Android Apps

Here you go, people! The masters of the apps are here. The Android apps that are capable of standing alone in the top position of the lot.

These Android apps that we are about to present you here are so well-accustomed with the Android setup that they can support the whole Android world themselves. You get the good stuff here, and maybe you already have some of it on your device.

The World Of Android Apps (Paid)

Most people always tend to use the Android apps that are free of cost. Don’t deny it; you do it as well! But then, there are some in the list that is albeit paid, but equally important and useful to everyone. Some of them are fashionable and stylish while some guarantee to make you a lot of money. These apps although paid are extremely useful. All you have to do is visit the Google store and look at the prices.

So without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s have a look at the world of Android apps and pick the best ones out for you. We guarantee that you will have your heart set on some for sure.

Some Of The Best Paid Apps For You

Here we present to you some of the best and the most amazing paid Android apps.


Situation: You want to connect your device to the public Wi-Fi. But the networks are so doubtful these days. What to do?

Solution: This one is a great app when it comes to guarding the Android device against the sketchy and doubtful public Wi-Fi systems. A solid VPN system is a must in these cases, and this is where ExpressVPN proves to be a worthy player. Known to be one of the most reliable and trusted brands for virtual private networking, this app deserves all the praise that it gets.


  • Extremely fast and with an impressive safety feature
  • Boasts of an SSL-secured network consisting of a 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth.
  • Proper security options for your phone.

Price: $12.95 per month.


Situation: Managing different tasks on your phone can be a bit difficult. And we all are a fan of multi-tasking, isn’t it?

Solution: With Tasker, you have the best features on hand, and that includes full-on automation. From advanced features in the settings to simple function of sending messages, this master app can perform every single thing in a jiffy and thus reduces your effort.


  • Offering access to over 28 dialogs of system settings
  • Multi-tasking options available
  • Project tabs for handling multiple projects
  • Different modes and settings

Price: €2.99


Situation: You want to get daily updates about the weather conditions nearby. How to do that? Weather apps form an important part of our lives as they can be used to find complete details about the weather for the upcoming days. This helps us in planning certain activities and stuff.

Solution: 1Weather is your go-to weather app for sure. Known to be one of the most reliable weather apps, this is the deal that you so badly want. The elegant and simple make of the app makes it very easy to use.


  • Real-time weather notifications
  • Extended hourly forecasts
  • Animated radar
  • Weather alerts and weather graphs available
  • Weather report sharing options

Price: $1.99


Situation: If you re someone who has a very tight schedule of work and wants the regular updates of stories, news, and the articles what do you do?

Solution: The Pocket is one of the useful applications that help the busy bees of today’s world. The pocket is a revolutionary discovery that helps the viewers connects with the present time.


  • Options to save articles and stuff for reading later
  • Bookmarking options available as well
  • Save to the desktop using extensions

Price: $4.99 per month

Solid Explorer

Situation: You need a solid file explorer to view the files that are inaccessible by your regular file explorer.

Solution: With the help of Solid Explorer, you are capable of witnessing certain files, pictures, videos, documents, and everything else within a limited amount of time. This amazing app even works on WhatsApp files as well. No file can be evaded by the Solid Explorer as the wonderful features of the app are absolutely efficient and effective.


  • You can view Photos, documents, videos
  • Supports even the files that ordinary file explorer doesn’t
  • File explorer with multiple features
  • File protection option available

Price: $1.99

LastPass Password Manager

Situation: You need certain passwords for your accounts that nobody can hack. Where do you think you will find them?

Solution: LastPass is a great addition to the list of the must-have apps for your Android device. The basic idea of LastPass is that it manages your protected credentials in a secured place.


  • Generating passwords that are impossible to decipher
  • Better security for your files
  • Easy to use and un-hackable passwords
  • Master password to control and monitor all accounts
  • Cross-platform reach

Price: $12 per year

Nova Launcher

Situation: You need a great launcher for your Android device that manages every single thing; especially the home screen.

Solution: Nova Launcher is the best launcher app as it surpasses the expectations form normal launchers. An essentially old app, this one keeps on being updated and hence is the best app to add to your app list.


  • Home screen restoration
  • Backup abilities
  • Gesture controls to manage your home screen
  • Multiple duty options with the Swipe control for home screen
  • Create shortcuts

Price: $4.99

PhotoStudio PRO

Situation: We cannot simply live without the photo editing applications, right? In a world where everyone is obsessed with selfies and filters, we need something to support us.

Solution: It is the PhotoStudio PRO. This is the app to have in here. Make the pictures you click even more attractive and intriguing with the help of this app.


  • 200 filters for editing
  • Lightroom sync options
  • Easy connection to desktop
  • Amazing themes and backgrounds

Price: $5.17

Pocket Casts

Situation: You need to view the latest podcast, and you need an app to do that. What do you think is the solution here?

Solution: For the entire podcast lover out there, this is the easiest way to get access to some amazing podcasts. This revolutionary podcast app is the hit one right now. The insanely good-looking and stable app will help you to stream or download any podcast that you like for the sake of your enjoyment.


  • Fantastic video support format
  • Syncing themes available for syncing the podcasts
  • Audio-video formats available
  • Options for streaming and downloading
  • Download anytime you want

Price: $3.99


Situation: Who likes the regular keyboards on the Android devices? Do you need something different?

Solution: When you have SwiftKey keyboard, then you don’t have to worry about anything else. Ever since its launch, this app has been serving millions with its features and amazing services!


  • Predictive engine like no one else’s
  • Auto-correct that properly functions
  • Multilingual support
  • SwiftKey flow
  • Library options available

Price: In-app purchases

DU Battery Saver Pro

Situation: Suffering from the battery problems as you have to use your phone constantly? You love to play games and use the Internet and wish to save your battery from the constant strain?

Solution: Well, we have a solution for you right here. Presenting the DU Battery Saver Pro. This is an amazing app for the Android devices which helps in saving a lot of battery power and maintaining a good battery life throughout. You can browse with ease and do all the other activities on your phone with this app and remain least bothered about the battery problems.


  • Super-fast battery saving options
  • Auto-removal of unwanted apps
  • Intelligent mode switching options available
  • Convenient and easy to use

Price: $2.81

Moneywise PRO

Situation: Are you not able to figure out where your hard-earned money flies away as you receive your paycheck? It is due to the over-expenses. And for those, who face the situation quite often, you need a solution.

Solution: Moneywise PRO can be a great help in that matter. This money management app is a must-have on your phone as you can set a monthly budget based on your income. Following the budget, of course, is your choice!


  • Options for setting up budgets
  • Monitoring cash flow and expenses
  • HTML reports making
  • Multiple accounts and tables
  • Password protection available

Price: $6.99


Situation: Every single smartphone has got a texting app and lets’ face it, most of them suck! They don’t perform well and aren’t usually very good.

Solution: Textra is the best one for the Android apps in the lot.


  • Send and receive different SMSs along with MMSs
  • Group text options available
  • Different themes to match the chat.
  • With multiple backgrounds and accent colors

Price: $2.99

Travel Safe

Situation: Are you a fan of traveling and do you always tend to travel alone? Well, if the answer is yes, then you need a travel buddy with you. For someone who is traveling alone, safety is the first and foremost thing that should be on the mind.

Solution: We have just the perfect app for you. You do everything to keep yourself protected, and this is where Travel Safe comes to your aid. You can easily manage your safety when you are traveling away from home. With the help of this app, you can manage the contacts on your list and other emergency numbers in the list.


  • Emergency numbers included
  • Additional information such as time zones, locations, and stuff
  • Panic Button provided
  • Rate calculator

Price: $1.00

Call Recording Licence- ACR

Situation: Recording of calls can be a very handy thing when it comes to using Android devices. And it is especially useful when it comes to handling business issues as well. There are many instances when you can utilize a call recording app.

Solution: Call Recording Licence- ACR is the favorite of many people. This particular app helps you record important conversations and listen to it later. This is a must-have Android application indeed. What are you waiting for? Get it right now.


  • Call recording options by different contact
  • Stat call recording
  • Auto-deleting options of short recordings
  • Google drive integration support
  • Dropbox Integration support
  • Auto-send emails

Price: $1.2

So there you go people. We present to you some of the best and the most useful Android apps which are paid. When it comes to service, we don’t mind the extra cost.


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