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From the very beginning of social media platforms, viral videos have their own importance. If we get into the depth of viral content, it helps both the creator and the audience. They help the audience to find best of tons of videos available and in this, the creator gets a better audience to deliver quality content. Majority of the artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars became popular only because of viral videos on various platforms.

Thinking of viral video would take you to YouTube, but wait for my friend, there are various other platforms that are attracting millions of people to upload and watch viral videos and content. Even Facebook, the biggest social media of all time, is planning to start a separate platform for videos. But undoubtedly you will think of going to YouTube to gain an audience and make your content viral.

Have you ever wondered how you can rank on YouTube when already well settled and consistent artist is already on YouTube? It has become very difficult for some common man to rank his/her video on YouTube. So I would recommend you to start with some other platform like Since January 2013 it has become popular among tons and tons of people. So why don’t have look at all its features and services and find out if it is good or not for your content?

What is

Vube is a video sharing platform that was first introduced in January 2013. Their goal is to come up with the talented people who actually deserve to be in trending on all social media platforms. They provide a good enough platform for their artists and audience to be entertained. In the first year, the website was able to attract 41 million unique visitors and make its position in top 100 most visited website worldwide.

Vube conducts monthly contests in which the users need to get most likes, comments, and shares. In this contest, they select top 25 users and reward them. The total amount they distribute is $55,000 that they distribute equally among the winners like $ 15k to the first winner, $ 7.5k to the runner-up, $ 5k to the 2nd runner-up and so on.

And the best thing about this site is that you won’t see any non-sense or shit content. All the videos that you will find our original content and will be viral content with quality. They focus mainly on quality instead of quantity. It is being said that the team members check and test the videos and delete the one they find irrelevant.

How to join monthly contests of vube?

As I have mentioned above, Vube and its team conduct monthly contests in which the creators need to gain the majority of likes, comments, and shares on their videos. Theses contests motivate the creators to make quality content as they win handsome prizes from Vube. They select the top 25 best videos on the basis of likes, views, comments, and shares.

Contests start at the end of every month and as soon as it ends, within three business days, the result is declared. If you upload regular content of Vube and want to participate in the contest, do that by visiting the link given below.

For participating you need to take care of a few things. You need to have an account on Vube, in case you don’t have one create a new account from here and register using your Facebook or Twitter account so that it can automatically create credentials. Also, you need to follow all the rules carefully, otherwise you might be disqualified.

Benefits of Vube

Well, you are not going to earn any bucks from the site as a viewer but you sure can enjoy watching top class content on vube. There aren’t any special content for viewers but the videos are pre streamed allowing you to watch them without any buffering. So no matter if you are on a slow internet connection, you can enjoy every bit of the videos free of cost without any lags.

Vube has support for almost 73 languages that enhances the user experience and users can apply filters to find the right videos for them that are backed by many other video sharing platforms. Its most popular filters include, Circulation, Popular, Recently Added, Contests, etc.

Being a youngster, you would probably love watching motivational, romantic, comedy and music videos with your love, friends, cousins, and family. So Vube would provide you with quality content and most popular and viral videos from the internet. Not only this, you can download the videos from Vube, that too legally. You can’t do this directly but this can be done easily with some 3rd party software or a site like Internet Download Manager (IDM) or Advanced Download Manager (ADM).

Final Verdict

Although YouTube still remains the world’s largest and the best video sharing platform. But platforms like Vube would be the best for making your content viral and come up with a good audience in minimum time. And monthly contest would give your account a boost to get some cool gadgets and tech products to maintain and balance quality and quantity. So why don’t you give a try to Vube? Access the site from here and do let us know about your thoughts on vube in the comment section below. Share the article with your friends; it motivates us to write more frequently


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