World’s Top 5 Venture Capital Firms Of 2017


The start-up industry is boosting rapidly, and along with that, the small and medium-sized businesses are having a merry time in this highly competitive world.  But do you know who is behind their successful journey and impressive start? Well, those people are the venture capitalists who run their venture capital firms across the world to provide capital to those ambitious start-ups and small businesses.

They finance those firms that are small or at an early-stage but posses a huge growth potential in long-run. The venture capital firms are in heavy demand nowadays. Every start-up or small business needs a reliable and reputed funding source, and this is where the search for a good venture capital firm becomes crucial.

A venture capital firm that understands the start-up, that sufficiently finances the start-up, and that supports the start-up till it catches the wings of growth. That’s why it becomes important to know about some of the best venture capital firms that are present across the and how they have supported or are attached with some of the biggest start-ups of the world since the starting of their journey.

  1. Sequoia Capital:

This is an American based venture capital firm located in Menlo Park, California. It has backed companies that now control $ 1.4 trillion of the combined stock market value. Renowned Venture capitalist Jim Goetz is the partner of this huge firm. Goetz topped the Forbes’ Midas List of the top venture capital lists of the world. Sequoia Capital has invested in more than 250 companies to date and some of its hottest deals companies like Facebook and WhatsApp.

  1. Lowercase Capital:

It is a very famous venture capital firm present in the United States. It was founded in 2007 by Christopher Sacca, the person who came second in the latest Forbes Midas list of top venture capitalists of the world. Lowercase capital is a reputed funding firm and has invested in some big companies like Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio and Kickstarter. The firm gives fund to start-ups as well as late stage companies.

  1. Benchmark:

This is one of the leading companies among the venture capital firms. Benchmark is an American based firm that has invested in many successful startups like Twitter, Dropbox, Uber Snapchat, Instagram, etc. In 1997, Benchmark invested $6.7 million in eBay, which made it worth more than $5 billion by 1999. The company is known for creating the first equal ownership and compensation structure for the benefit of its partners. One of its most iconic general partners is Peter Felton. Benchmark has a unique approach to venture capital investment.

  1. Accel Partners:

It is a very famous and well established venture capital firm. Founded in 1983, the firm has invested in more than 300 companies to date including the likes of Facebook, Spotify, DJI,, Flipkart, slack, etc. It works with, seed, early and growth-stage investments.

  1. Founders Fund:

This is one of the most rapidly growing venture capital firms in the world and is known for bold decisions. This firm supports future technology and start-ups that have the potential to make a big leap through in the long run owing to their revolutionary technologies and ambitious projects. The talented Brian Singerman, the founder of igoogle, is the general partner of Founders Fund. He is known for his bold bets on stem cell targeting cancer treatment company Stemcentrx by investing $300 million in it and also got return profits of around $1.4 billion.

Venture Capital firms are an integral part of the start-ups and small business firms. They are responsible for supporting innovative and ground-breaking new companies and start-ups. So, choosing the appropriate venture capital firm is very vital to the success of any business. There are many venture capital firms run by many dynamic venture capitalists with different ideology and approach. You need to pick those, that can carry forward your business, and those have already made many successful exits till date.


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